Steem Blockchain News- Steemit Alliance, Hardfork 21 and More!

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Steem Alliance Takes Shape | A Steemit Backed Community Governance Organization

Open letter to @steemalliance and private "witness-slack" community

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@dtube Video of the Day: @exyle

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This is really really important

100% agreed, and can't stress that enough. I heard about this but everything started connecting after I read @jesta' s
post yesterday.
When you mentioned steem alliance, I was kind of my knowledge witness slack was formed for that stuff, and the committee came later to stay clear of "confusion". Thank you for bringing this to light...will go next to the open letter and get up to date
I am so glad you brought up exyle's post, really loved it and i think it deserves more exposure. He has really given a voice to many people who share the same opinion

welcome to the club @powidoki :D

Appreciate your comment, have a great week.

steemalliance and steeminstitute are the same thing. They wanted to be called institute but the name was taken so they settled with alliance instead as most of there other choices were taken, institute wasn't even there first choice lol, they wanted it to be steem foundation.

Great video I must say. I am targeting to become the first Africa steemit witness very