Steem FanBoy - Steem Life!

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Steem Fanboy representzzz for the steem blockchain. Keeping it real, promoting steem, every minute of every day... even to his momz.

Check out the vlog to find out how you too can be a steem baller...

Ya feel!

Learn all about dapps, Steemfest 4, how to automate your life and earn crypto like it ain't nothing but a chicken wing!

@roelandp, you need to check this out! Promoting #steemfest to get all them steem ballerz to fly out to Thailand for the party of the season with some steem bling thrown in the mix down and dirty in Bangkok 2019 😆

The music at the beginning is called Han Solo by Captain Stu, creative commons, please follow link to credit.

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Evry Ting On Steem
You Hear Me Brotha

Once You Go Down The Rabbit Hole Your Stuck!

Love It!!!!

Cheers d00k13

And boy oh boy that rabbit hole is deep my bredrin... you're definitely on the same wave length as Steem Fanboy 😉

The steem rocket is gonna take us all to the moon brother 🤪

Hahaha you cracked me up FanBoy!

Ok, so you need upvotes! Let me add you to my auto vote list @raj808, so then you will get 0,01 every day from me, and then I can say I contributed to your SF4 journey, right?

Need them upvotes too, actually, but I got something up my sleeve, so keep an eye out for that as well .. Because I decided, no matter what, I'm going to BANGKOK!!!!


Ha ha, thanks 4 the votes I shall reciprocate this evening when I return home with some Steem Fanboy autovotes to help sponsor your efforts to make SF4 this year 🙂

I've got me plans to to and up my steem earnings too bredrin. I've recently wrote something for oracle-d and they pay bare dollars.

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Ma sistah from anotha motha @anouk.nox and I are already all up in that Oracle-D game JO!!! Fo reeeeeeeeelzzzzzzz JO @raj808!

For reeeeeel @raj808 !!!!

Dude, is this some back from the past video of @bobaphet? ;D

Lovin' the vibes bruv!

Keep on hustlin' fam xD

Artakush hustles around the bush...

Ha ha, I remember the man bobaphet back in the day bro.

He was crazy
for that good steem
Hustlin like a fiend
Stackin the steem bling
like it ain't nothing
but a chicken wing!

Steem life ..... Thug life 😉

Keep on hustling in the bush bruv, I respect that 😆

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Lolol! Fo reelz! Steem revolution!

hey, that's my alt account name! Steemrevolution :) Fo reelz!

You knowz it!

Gotta get talking about steem. Learning about steem. Tellin everyone... especially ya momzz... all about steem 😂

OMG yo this was an awesome video brother! Thanks for contributing to the contest and delivering this super cool, funny aaaand promoting video lol :D


Nice one tibfox, I'm glad it tickled your funny bone mate :-)

I had so much fun making this and the character came to me in a dream. Last night I dreamed about steemfest and I was walking around Bangkok doing this persona of Steem Fanboy to a load of tourists and backpackers on Koh San Road. Lol, I've not really got the bottle to do this type of shiz in public... but maybe some day. Ha ha, if I make it to SF4 maybe that's the time to unleash the fanboy ;-)

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Cheers ddaily. It's a great comp and has filled a hole in my soul that comedyopenmic left when it went away ;-)

Lovin the #the5reelgood comp :)

This was really funny watching you talking about actifit drugwars where we deal with drugs.. Haha .. Nice entry..

Cheers Pri.

I hope that steem Fanboy can educate the community about how to give up drug dealing.... For drug wars on steem 🤣🤣

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Oh boy , I just notice your another name Fanboy , Yo man, steem to the moon...

Hahahahaha!!! That was hilarious!

I used to sell the real drugs, but now I sell drugs on drugwars...

That was priceless.
I love how you keep sticking those stickers on your head.
You're one funny guy.


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Lolol... fo reelz! Steem Revolution

Haha! That was awesome. I'm totally a Steem fanboy too. I'm reppin' the Steem shirts and the Steem hats and using those Steem dapps. Unfortunately I've never made it to Steemfest, it's always been way far from me. But I've just been hosting local Steem meetups instead. My next one is only nine days away! I'm getting excited, it's always a lot of fun.

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