Different story with goods I buy!
You are right but I never share my income with them. How? Story would be too long to explain. Some might ask : Who is the “criminal” ? Delicate topic!

Better not use public services then either.

Same old silly argument! We don’t need governments to build our roads.
Roads were here before taxes !! @gamer00 you are brainwashed!

Don't be naive. There will always be a government of a sort. If it's not a modern state, then it will be a gang of common criminals who will come to your door and extort valuable things from you. From a modern state with representative democracy and division of powers, you at least get something back. When states collapse, the result will not be a libertarian paradise but rule by violent gangs.

You made your point but I’m done with this topic.

Then you should not be using any tax payer paid services. No public schools, no public libraries, no universal medicine for you. How do you like them apples?

I wouldn't be here talking to you if there were no tax paid healthcare, so I must be the one who's brainwashed. Thank you for wishing me dead.

I moved to Indonesia, paid for my daughters privat schools, doctors etc....chose to use my earned and well deserved income for things my family needed. No public library in Bali, So, we bought books for local children and much much more I am in no mood to explain further.
Now I am back in Austria, helping my over 90’s mother age-ing and live off my own “income” through cryptocurrency, to get through my “pension” period in life to come. I am not dependant on any state!
I never wish anybody “dead” but many seem to be.
Should I feel guilty because I lived my life the way I chose is Best for me and loved ones?
I am not sorry to use public streets or subways? Tickets are not free. So yes , you are right I had to pay my portion of some “ hidden” taxes indeed.....🙏

Here's some information about taxation in Indonesia. Indonesia seems to have a progressive income taxation system in place. If @mammasitta is a permanent resident of Indonesia and not paying any taxes, she's probably committing tax fraud. You can't legally avoid taxes except by utilizing loopholes which might be possible in some cases.

Be a “good” citizen and report me!
At my age you are eligible to possess a pension visa in Indonesia or just be a tourist.
Where from and how I get my income from is none of your business.
Enjoy Finland meanwhile and be thankful that your government takes care of You with your taxes you pay. At least Finland is a wealthy, small place and You see what is done with your tax money. It’s for sure not like this in Indonesia.

Don't worry. I'm not going to report you.

Did you earn income when you were an Austrian kid too, or did you just have rich parents? I bet you never got ill, so you didn't have to use any tax paid services, nor did you use the public library ever when you lived in Austria.

Whatever you pay for transportation in ticket fees is not the same as paying taxes for a working infrastructure.

The way I see it is I pay taxes to keep things working, I pay taxes to keep the public healthcare so that I don't have to pay exorbitant fees if I get sick. I pay taxes so I can use the library for as much as I like with no extra fees. I pay taxes so that whenever there's an accident, a fire breaks out, or a crime happens, there is always someone I can call for professional help, without having to dish out huge sums of money to do so.

Taxes are simply a small sum off my "deserved income" to keep certain things rolling, and that's a good thing.

@uwelang better offline 🙄💫

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