Right on!
Did I ever pay tax? I don’t think so 🤪
I actually should write a book, telling how this is even possible. IT IS!

Wait really? Tell us! LOL

This would be a story of my life and lifestyle but not in public @kaylinart I just wrote earlier that I don’t mean that anybody should copy! Just master the #artofliving

Das klingt ja mal spannend :-) - erzähl mir mehr - gute Nacht erst einmal Party Maus

Oh well! Zuerst war ich ja ganz brav bis sie mich so nieder getaxed haben, dass ich gleich mal auf und davon bin. Damals habe ich geschworen, dass diese Diebe nie mehr einen Cent von mir bekommen. #artoflife 😋

Bitcoin is part of the counter-economy. An easy way to avoid tax is to move as many of your transactions to the counter-economy as possible. Buy from individuals whenever you can. Use craigslist if possible. Use cryptos instead of fiat when possible. Inform others. When we stop giving our money to our enemy the state we will starve it. Wen we participate in the counter-economy it will grow. Eventually it will overtake the the white market and then we will win. #Agora #Anarchy #Action!

YES PLEASE! Fuck um..

I sure will pick up that book 😊

Inflation is also a TAX... a hidden tax.

Sure! I don’t need to be “picky” and go into details. You All might know, what I mean.

Don't you buy anything? Some taxes are hidden/included in price...

Different story with goods I buy!
You are right but I never share my income with them. How? Story would be too long to explain. Some might ask : Who is the “criminal” ? Delicate topic!

Better not use public services then either.

Same old silly argument! We don’t need governments to build our roads.
Roads were here before taxes !! @gamer00 you are brainwashed!

Don't be naive. There will always be a government of a sort. If it's not a modern state, then it will be a gang of common criminals who will come to your door and extort valuable things from you. From a modern state with representative democracy and division of powers, you at least get something back. When states collapse, the result will not be a libertarian paradise but rule by violent gangs.

You made your point but I’m done with this topic.

Then you should not be using any tax payer paid services. No public schools, no public libraries, no universal medicine for you. How do you like them apples?

I wouldn't be here talking to you if there were no tax paid healthcare, so I must be the one who's brainwashed. Thank you for wishing me dead.

I moved to Indonesia, paid for my daughters privat schools, doctors etc....chose to use my earned and well deserved income for things my family needed. No public library in Bali, So, we bought books for local children and much much more I am in no mood to explain further.
Now I am back in Austria, helping my over 90’s mother age-ing and live off my own “income” through cryptocurrency, to get through my “pension” period in life to come. I am not dependant on any state!
I never wish anybody “dead” but many seem to be.
Should I feel guilty because I lived my life the way I chose is Best for me and loved ones?
I am not sorry to use public streets or subways? Tickets are not free. So yes , you are right I had to pay my portion of some “ hidden” taxes indeed.....🙏

Here's some information about taxation in Indonesia. Indonesia seems to have a progressive income taxation system in place. If @mammasitta is a permanent resident of Indonesia and not paying any taxes, she's probably committing tax fraud. You can't legally avoid taxes except by utilizing loopholes which might be possible in some cases.

Did you earn income when you were an Austrian kid too, or did you just have rich parents? I bet you never got ill, so you didn't have to use any tax paid services, nor did you use the public library ever when you lived in Austria.

Whatever you pay for transportation in ticket fees is not the same as paying taxes for a working infrastructure.

The way I see it is I pay taxes to keep things working, I pay taxes to keep the public healthcare so that I don't have to pay exorbitant fees if I get sick. I pay taxes so I can use the library for as much as I like with no extra fees. I pay taxes so that whenever there's an accident, a fire breaks out, or a crime happens, there is always someone I can call for professional help, without having to dish out huge sums of money to do so.

Taxes are simply a small sum off my "deserved income" to keep certain things rolling, and that's a good thing.

@uwelang better offline 🙄💫

NITRO in support !


Can't upvote this enough! Inflation occurs because Governments endlessly print money into worthless obvilion (anyone for rolling a wheelbarrow of FIAT currency into a supermarket in Zimbabwe or Venezuela to do your weekly grocery shopping? No? Didn't think so!).

Governments are printing it endlessly because they can. FIAT currencies are no longer attached to anything of real, tangible, intrinsic value (such as precious metals like gold and silver). So, they just print more when they feel like they need to; to try and paper over cracks in a country's economy. But that only works for so long until the value of the money is so worthless that you have the above mentioned wheelbarrow scenario. This kind of economics is not sustainable.

Like others, I believe in having some other/alternative stores of wealth such as cryptos' (until the IRS completely erodes them! Or, picking the best ones that are more private and storing wealth there), gold/silver, and even tangible assets like property because they actually have a use/life necessity (roof over one's head!).

Crypto is definitely what we need and where we're headed. But a more solid grasp of fiat currency - as well as the forces that need fiat currency for (attempted but ultimately futile) financial manipulation - makes for a more balanced conversation, as well as insight into the forces opposing crypto.

Gold was abused by ancient sovereigns in much the same way as today's fiat currency.

Fiscal and monetary policy - they heart of current economic policy of all central banks and governments - would be would relegated to the ash-bin of history.

Countries that lost control of their currencies have, historically, lost control of their economies.

But that's only consequential within a world that fractured in so many ways, including economically. Crypto is part of a greater move towards unity. Towards interconnectedness that transcends national boundaries. Or, perhaps, the disappearance of all walls of separation.

This has gotten kind of lengthy and there's so much more to say...maybe I'll turn into a post.

If by saying governments (printing) you mean central banks, yes, they are watering down their stock ( dollars, yen, euros)in an asymptotic way. They (the central banks)do it because they must, having made some large bets on the future expansion of the money supply. The 'people' do not need to worry about all that created money, they will never see any of it.

Haha nice

Hi ,
Thanks for sharing

agree! but it will hurt coinbase a bit!

The Masonic monument outside the IRS says it all:
no bill.jpg
The pyramid with "We the people" which is the lower black part being tax farmed by the Ruling Elites at the top.
The 2 pillars which is the Duality and the 2 hands (Left vs Right) of the same Beast to symbolize the Hegelian Dialectic with which they rule.
All in plain sight yet some people still don't get it.
Unfortunately Bitcoin allows the IRS to track all transactions. A few famous Bitcoin (and Steemit) personalities have already gone public claiming to have been "hacked" since the IRS Coinbase court ruling. Whether that'll be enough to escape the grabbing hands of the IRS remains to be seen.
Probably a privacy coin like Monero is a safer haven, while Zcash seems untrustworthy

Well seriously some taxes make sense unless you want to go pave your own roads and upkeep on them. I don't mind paying some taxes but lately the shit I see them blow my hard earned money on discusses me and I should have the option more to say yes or no to certain things.

Roads came before’s a myth you need goverment to build roads.

You have lived for too long under a stable, lawful, and functioning modern state for a government. There is no such thing as no government unless you live in the sticks with pretty much nobody around. When the state breaks down, what you can expect is something like Russia in the 1990's at best: criminal gangs taking over everything and fighting a shooting war over turf.

Privately owned toll roads that are built with tax dollars and then charge the tax payer again every time they access it? Which road tax are you promoting?

You guys are being harsh!
He's still on his path to emancipation, just much less advanced than you guys...
Try educating him :3

Not really; even that can be done on a voluntary basis. The early corporations were established up do build roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. The difference back then was that these entities were temporary and disbanded upon the completion of the project.

Roads are paid for by gasoline tax, which is a relatively fair tax (as much as that's possible) - the more you drive, the more wear & tear you put on the roads, the more you pay.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall once said that the power to tax is the power to destroy.

A former Chairman of the Federal Reserve (don't recall which one, but it was before Greenspan) said that income tax is no longer necessary for funding the government, but is being used for income redistribution and social engineering. It should be abolished, and not replaced with anything; no flat tax, no national sales tax, no "fair" tax (what is that?), no tax, period.

Go back to raising money via duties, imposts, excise and tariffs, like the Founders provided for in the Constitution, a brilliant document that doesn't address the times (then or now), which change, but human nature, which doesn't.

A former Chairman of the Federal Reserve (don't recall which one, but it was before Greenspan) said that income tax is no longer necessary for funding the government, but is being used for income redistribution and social engineering. It should be abolished, and not replaced with anything; no flat tax, no national sales tax, no "fair" tax (what is that?), no tax, period.

Our station life is, in a statistical sense, mainly determined by the social class we're born into and our genetics. The rest is determined by our own efforts and pure luck with the latter being much more significant when it comes to great success. Why is pure luck so significant? Because even brilliant visionaries who are extremely driven require precise timing and connections for a breakthrough in business. The world is much too complex for anybody to get everything right except with luck.

Because the highest levels of success depend on factors that are beyond anybody's control, the fruits of the highest levels of success should be distributed accordingly. In accumulation of wealth in the hands of few individuals to the degree it is accumulated today, there is a high risk of political corruption.

Libertarianism is not even sustainable. Extreme levels of wealth accumulation lead to an unstable society prone to a populist takeover of the brown or the red kind. A hundred years ago, the world was in a very similar situation to what we're facing today. Runaway social inequality and instability led to the Russian revolution and the Nazis rising to power in Germany. Similar processes are at work in the West today, resulting in Trump, Brexit and right-wing populists rising everywhere in Europe.

Totally agree,

love you man:) and i will also post vdeos about tax

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Great post.

You are as on point as always... I don't remember ever having to pay tax...... LOL.....

Every time you demand something from someone from a position of strength you are being immoral by default. Every human interactions should always be consentual.

you are inspiration Jeff

I live in the Netherlands, and the amount of tax we need to pay here is absurd.
24% on product's we buy, and 10% to even 50% of your income depending on how much you earn.
And they just "take it", the money is already gone to them, i dont even see it the boss pays it straight to them basterds.

what does the IRS do with the tax money they collect?

They found private corporations like Darpa and metal gear!...

criminals with license!! most dangerous ones/1

nice to meet you Snake,
it is an honor to be speaking to a living legend like yourself!

Mei Ling?
Long time no see...

Totally agree with ya Jeff, keep up the great work!

Anyone into Bitcoin, nwo elite, gold, silver ancap/counter culture and is woke check out my page where I post the latest in the meme war!!! Check it out and follow @ Gb4liberty !!!!

Taxation is slavery...even $1 submitted by force is criminal

expression --- excellent. i also has same feeling in my mind. i think many more has the same feeling. but you put it. let them hang. good post.

We also need to remind everyone the taxes they pay make them morally culpable in the horrific crimes committed by their governments. Just like every dollar they spend anywhere being a vote in favor of that company and everything they do. We are responsible.

Well said jeff. These are not laws, they are statutes, rules, regulations, codes. They twist it by saying first its a law but if you look carefully at the statute acts there are no mention of human beings only persons.(Person is a legal fiction). The queen of Enlgand cant even change the law. Rules and regulations must be followed if you work for a company, because of the birth certificate you now fall under the rules and regulations of the company called the government.KYC know your slave. Peace.

Did I ever pay tax? I don’t think so 🤪 I should write a book, telling how this is even possible.




Thank you for bringing me to this site.

Soooo true... which is the point of decentralized currency... the IRS wants to make every percentage of our HARD EARNED MONEY we make! :P They do not really do anything good for us but to make every money from our hard efforts. The IRS should not have any rights to take money from anyone just because they control our country... :P If they plan to use the money to help better the country for the people, thats fine but thats not really the case, is it?

Bravo! I can't agree more. Fuck em all!! Great post.

oww really. Like it bro and love you.

There is nothing wrong with high taxes - provided you get what you pay for. And Americans don't get what they pay for. For the amount they pay, they should at least get free basic health care. Where does the money go?

Yooooo shiiit Jeff

You fucking killed them with this video!

Transfer your bitcoins from one wallet to another
Tell them you lost your bitcoins due to theft
And file a capital loss form

Then tell them to fuck off and get a real job

Awww mannn you slayed the IRS so hard lol ROAST OF THE YEAR
Amen to you my brother

Peace Xx

You payed taxes and government officials put it in their pockets. Sad.

"but but... I like ... roads, and... um... driving on roads... you know?"

IRS is full of shit saying 2000 people have filed taxes between 2013-2015. This is just to scare others and have them come und file tax return. I bet none, zero people filed their tax return with IRS.

Awesome video! You took some words out of my mouth.
Cheers :-)

Amen to this.

Lol it's funny

Thanks for posting something we all feel. I have even gone as far as looking into becoming a citizen of another country and renouncing this one.

absolutely awesome

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that's not true..

Everywhere there is tax, and it svcks. Government are getting percentage of your hard earn money, in a regular basis in your entire life

I just follow you , you are so smart and your posts useful thank you so much @dollarvigilante

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Love it :)

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good man

I like your style my man ! Resteem

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The IRS tried to get hold of coinbase users the other day

this is a good post

your creation is so nice ...thanks for your blog sir ...i like this image.png

I know i'll recieve a lot of flag for this, but i believe that your view is way too two dimensional. Government isn't a 100% good, or a 100% evil, it's much more like a very dull shade of grey.
It might be because i'm from Denmark, which i am sure a lot of anti government people will think of as a socialist hellhole, but taxes do often make a lot of sense.
Sure, we can discuss how much we should pay, and how the government should spend the taxes. But stuff like free healthcare, free education, and a proper safety net reassures a high level of social trust, which is really beneficial towards a society.
I can see why taxes suck. But the subject s pretty complicated, and it's a shame to boil it down to an "Evil government", that view is simply too simple. Because there are great number of discussions to be had about the issue :)

Just my two cents, we don't all have to agree.
Have a great day

That was an awesome illustration, thanks for that @dollarvigilante

Jeff is just amazing!

Informative post.thanks for sharing this.

I found your writing to be very important

If you don't like taxes, move the fuck out

Always love your work reckon you could have a look at this

I would suggest having a a read through this article its
highlights some great insights into the raiden network coming out on Ethereum blockchain

Time to learn the truth about the IRS.

15 years of documented evidence:

Video testimonials:

Image of IncomeTaxFlowchart

Your link to the Larken Rose video on youtube is broken @dollarvigilante

Right on Jeff! Keep telling it like it is! Taxation is theft and we should avoid it in every way possible. I'm thinking it would help people to do an article/video about how to anonymize their crypto holdings correctly. This would help make the IRS's job even harder. I'm thinking the following procedure would work, but would love to hear other opinions: 1) Trade your BitCoin (BTC) or Ethereum(ETH) for Monero (XMR) on an exchange that may be tied to your identity. 2) transfer your XMR to your Monero wallet (downloaded and installed on your PC/Mac. 3) transfer your XMR to an account on an exchange that was setup with an alias and is NOT tied to your real indentity. 4) trade your XMR for ETH. 5) transfer your ETH to a NEW account created at or a new account on your Trezor, neither of which have any of your identification information. 6) Now your ETH is anonymous, to keep it that way do NOT transfer to any account that is associated with your identification. Probably would be a good idea to use a VPN when connecting to sites not associated with your identification, so that your IP cannot be associated with those accounts either. Technology is always being improved, so the above may be outdated if peer-to-peer trading has made exchanges no longer necessary. It that case, hopefully, you could exchange your XMR directly for whatever you want.

I have heard/read some other news which is slightly disturbing! Perhaps you could check it out for us! This article was on Steemit and here is the link:
Your comments would be greatly appreciated!

Learn how to mine popular cryptocurrencies without expensive rigs or hassle!

Lol they owe me plenty..

If a million of us all just told the government to fuck off, there would be nothing they could do. There aren't enough prisons or police to enforce it.

Riddle me this

Two girls ate dinner together
They both ordered iced tea
One girl drank them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other to drink one .
The girl who drank much survived while the other died
All the drinks were poisoned


Really it has been carrying more educative and informative about your steemit life.I am really happy for knowing this story.Thanks for your nice content.I am waiting for your next content.

nice photo thank you for sharing

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