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RE: A Healing Process~Sharing with My STEEM Family

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I just saw this video. I want you to know I love you and am sending you healing energy as well as to your daughter. Please give yourselves time to process, grieve & heal. Don't worry about us - we are not going anywhere. (I relate to how you are feeling about "letting down the community" but I assure you, you aren't.) Let me know if I can help in any way. Many hugs, much love & endless pixie dust❤️


Thank-you Jenn, You always share a positive energy that encourages me ❤ I'm working hard to get back on track. Seems like I feel very tested lately in so many ways. Example: I worked at my computer trying to catch things up a few days ago, woke up to my eye swollen almost closed 😉 and had to sit in darkness and avoid light. I'm like... wth with the obstacles? But one day at a time. The eye strain problem is something I've experienced in the last few months off and on. Regardless, I'm not giving up! I feel like it's just one of those rough Seasons in life and there are better days to come ahead. I love you too Jenn ❤ You are a beautiful light. Thank-you for your loving support.

My sweet friend, I do hope your eye starts feeling better quickly. It's weird how the body can react to your circumstances and/or stress. I know that the Universe will never give you more than you can handle, even though it may not feel like that at the time.

I admire your strength & perserverance. Taking it one day at a time is sometimes all we can do. I relate to the obstacles in my own way. As my latest video mentioned, life has been throwing some curveballs here as well. But we are tough! We just kick life in the booty (& pixie stomps!) and keep on going. 😂

Thank you for your kind words and also for your support as well. We got this, girl! 🥰🙌🧚

Love you!! ♥️

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That's right! We just hold on to that positive energy and weather the storms. I want to say I especially appreciate the sincerity in your responses to others and the time you take to be real with a positive vibe. I am sure I've said it in some form before. I don't want to sound redundant haha, But I do feel it's important to acknowledge your contributions to shine a light on others. It brightens my day and as always, I love signing on and seeing a response or post by @pixiepost the sweetest fairy of all ♥ Sprinkling us with pixie dust and love ♥ Have a beautiful day and rest of the week ahead!

And you, in turn, brightened my day, my sweet friend. I am happy I can uplift you and others. I am just me. It has always been a calling for me to help others in any way I can.

Uplifting each other is so important and the more people who do it, the better. 🙏🥰

Your posts make me smile, too, & I am very glad I know you. Keep being you and shining your light. 🤗💕🥰♨️ Hope your week is amazing.

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