@phortun´s pull-up challenge: work out for upvotes!

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Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

I have been really enjoying all the challenges and giveaways that I have been hosting lately and I am super excited to come up with another one today. This time around, however, it will be something special and very different from what you have seen on my blog so far :)

The aim of this challenge is to get Steemians away from their computers for a while and do something for their health and fitness. That is right. We are going to work out today guys! :) But I am not talking about those sweaty gyms where you need to pay to work out. I am talking about exercise that you can do pretty much everywhere and where I actually pay you with my upvotes for doing so.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

The exercise you need to perform is known as pull-ups and I will give you a 10% upvote for every single pull-up you do (with 10 pull-ups being the maximum). So if you do one pull-up, I will give you a 10% upvote on your post. If you do 3 pull-ups, I will give you 30% etc. until 10 pull-ups (or more - if you want to show off :D) that will be rewarded with my full upvote.

So all you are supposed to do in this challenge is to:

1) Take a video of you doing pull-ups where you first show us your username on a piece of paper.
2) Upload the video on @dtube and title the post "My entry for @phortun´s pull-up challenge".
3) Put a link to your entry to the comment section of this post.

To give you an idea of what an entry for this challenge might look like, I made such a video for you myself. If you don´t mind showing your face in the video, it is fine. If you want to stay anonymous, you can do it like me with the camera recording you from behind ;)

I will review all entries, count all those pull-ups you guys do and throw my upvotes on your posts according to your performance :) With my current full upvote worth just some 20 cents, this challenge should be mostly about fun but who knows, @dtube or some other big names of our community might stop by your post too and throw in some additional, juicy votes.

This challenge will be open for 7 days from now until the payout of this post. I am looking forward to checking your entries guys! I hope my fellow sporty Steemians like @matkodurko, @kekos, @bodie7, @el-cr, @surfercz, @worldcapture etc. will not miss out on it! Come on guys, show us some flex! :D


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #traveling and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on Steeming!

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Of course, you have my vote! LOL

That was great and I hope you get many responders on this. Tammi did a great job! ;)

Good luck and may the best person win!


Thank you Denise! :)

You are more than welcome, @phortun I owe you an apology as you left me a very kind, heartfelt message about losing my brother. I was going to write something back, and I was passed over it so I could write it properly, It slipped my mind and I went back to find it yesterday and kept scrolling and couldn't find your post.

I want you to know that I was so very touched by your message and I want to thank you for taking the time to address it. You and Tammi are both very thoughtful and kind.

Thank you. So much.

May God bless you richly.

Aww, you don´t owe me any apologies Denise. After figuring out what had happened to you, I just wanted to stop by and leave a few words of my condolence and support for you. Hopefully, you are already feeling a bit better. Time will surely help here.

Thank you. The military funeral in Arlington Cemetery will take time to schedule so I am waiting on them. We had a private funeral when he passed already though. I dislike the thought of having to go through the emotional turmoil all over again.

But, I am doing better. Just proves how fleeting life is and one never knows when his last day is, And thank you again.

Very wise words Denise. And I am so sorry you have to go trough these things twice :( Stay strong.

Thank you once again.

.. a pan Čučo jak tam spí na gauči :D jaaj

Čučík mě jistil z gauče :D

Pumping iron :D :-*

awww man I would love to participate!! But I can't lol, can't even do one right now...but @el-cr is excited about it!

No worries Eve, we are all well aware of your current situation ;) Hopefully, your hubby will represent you in this challenge :)

Šikovný chlapec ;-). Vzhledem k mé lenosti a vytahaných ruk z tahání sudů se však této výzvy nezúčastním.
P.S.: stále neumím vkládat na Dtube :-/

Chápu, ty si asi "zacvičíš" dost v práci ;) Co konkrétně ti na D-Tube nefunguje? Mně to v poslední době jede v pohodě. Dokonce mi občas i hodí nějaký ten jejich upvote :)

Neříkám, že mi DTube nefunguje. Jenom to tam neumím nacpat. Kdysi jsi psal něco o jiném přihlášení. Možná, že zrovna v tom bude zakopaný pes ;-)

Jo dřív byl občas problém s přihlášením přes SteemConnect. Bylo zapotřebí se přihlásit manuálně. Teď už mi to ale jde normálně i přes SteemConnect. Takže se přihlásíš, ale nejde ti vložit video? Háže to nějakou hlášku?

To manuální přihlášení jsem ani nezkoušel. Dlouho jsem tam nebyl a poslední video jsem dával přes YT.

I'm sure @choogirl and @plantstoplanks would join this challenge, so you get some more female presence =)

Hmm, as much as I love a good pull up, I have issues.

  1. Is this strict or kipping? Cos that makes a big difference.
  2. I fucked my shoulder last year so pull ups are on my no bueno list right now anyway.
  3. I literally just did a 5 day dry fast and I'm getting fucked by detox symptoms (but hopefully it will fix my shoulder/arm). But I do plan on making some videos about this, especially if it fixes all my stupid injury things.

Wow, I actually had to google what a kipping pull-up is :D Well, I have been quite tolerant so far so if you decide to join, go for whatever you feel comfortable with ;) You would be a first woman in the challenge, which would be awesome :)

Excellent - just checked it, commented and upvoted! :) Thanks!

Jdu do toho... I am in...
No snad se mě konečně podaří dtube zprovoznit.. Just hopeing that dtube will accept my video from my iphone...

Super, těším se :)

Tak snad se mě zadařilo to vložit na spravný místo... A super nápad se u toho natočit. Člověk se u toho krouti jak had :D

Zadařilo :) Video jsem si pustil, okomentoval a upvotoval :) Díky!

Wow, now that's what I call working hard for some upvotes! Haha, awesome idea!

Haha exactly :))

Oh. One of the exercise i run from is pull up. Pretty hard for me

Yeah, pull-ups are difficult for quite a lot of people actually. I might pick some other exercise next time ;)

Wow! That's very amazing
Been a while I tried pull ups

Great iniate! I'd like to participate in it!

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Awesome, looking forward to your entry :)

Ty jo dobře ty.. Uff cítím z toho genderove orientovanou soutěž na muže - ještě ze tak, jsem soutěživá ale všeho s mírou :))

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Nebudu zastírat, že tentokrát očekávám více příspěvků od mužů, ale budu rád, když se zapojí i nějaká silná zástupkyně něžného pohlaví :) Vím, že taková @evecab by do toho určitě šla, ale momentálně je v pokročilém stádiu těhotenství, tak jsem ji ani neoznačoval. Ty to náhodou nehecneš? :D Jestli ne, tak doufám, že váš prapor podrží aspoň Matěj - minulý rok jsme byli mockrát cvičit společně a vedl si výborně. Až jsem ho občas podezříval, jestli je to vůbec ještě člověk, nebo už stroj :D

I think I got most of it thanks to Google ahahah. Would love to...in a few months I'm in =)

Oh I am sorry Eve :D Yeah, I said I would normally nominate/mention you too but I know you wouldn´t be able to do it now, being heavily pregnant ;)

Awesome! I am really glad I don´t have to upvote more than 10 pull-ups in this challenge because I think you will do dozens of them right? :D

Hundreds I think...

yes, but only this time you got lucky :)

Jasná věc!

Ještě uvidíme, jak dopadne můj první pokus s D.tube :D

Super, těším se :) A ohledně D-Tube se klidně ptej, kdyby něco ;)

Kokos no ale tych 10 si tam pekne nasekal! :) To by vyslo aj na 15 mozno ci? Parada! Zucastnim sa isto, asi az cez vikend ale :)

Když mám zrovna období, kdy cvičím pravidelně, tak udělám těchto rychlejších i 20 ;) Já na techniku při cvičení nikdy moc nebyl :D No to doufám, že se zapojíš! S tebou jsem počítal, už jsem když jsem to vymýšlel :D

Snáď vyzdraviem dovtedy. :)

Snad jo, budu rád, když se přidáš! :)


As promised, here is my attempted to do the pullups. 😎
giphy 1.gif

Great, thank you! Just checked and upvoted your video :)

Hi! Here is link to entry for your challenge!

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Awesome - I just watched it, commented & upvoted :) Thanks for your entry.

Nedivím se :DDD Pobavilo :) Díky!

wao this is very cool!

I still owe a pull up challenge to @matkodurko, so I will do that first, then I will go with yours, promise! I like this!

Cool! I would love to see you join this challenge Carlos :) You still have a couple of days, no worries ;)

thanks Peter!

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Here is my Challenge:

Luck like a parady jejeje! i only did nine of them...

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I just checked and upvoted your video. Good job man! :) Thanks for joining this challenge.

Just watched and upvoted it. Your fitness is truly outstanding. I am honored to have you competing in this challenge.

Nice I, will be participating. @elduke will be doing #pullups for this post. Lol, love the idea. 😀😎👍

Thumbs up for you and resteemed as well.


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