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One is still preaching the health gospel! So I'm helping: Selling his nutritional supplements. Shoot me a message, or learn more at https://www.final90.weebly.com . Whatsapp 52-998-310-1559 . We need more distributors, get in touch if your looking for a mobile / work from home business.
Cheers everyone.

Soil back in 1936 was found to be steadily declining in nutrients, effecting the plants, animals and people. This has compounded over the years to the point where some are saying its now possible to relate nutritional deficiency with almost every disease. (U.S Senate doc #264)

This is just like scurvy's relation to vitamin C deficiency except with different deficiency's.

In the past, ash from the fireplace, compost and floods would cycle nutrients back into the soil. But even then the soil could be lacking, nutrients are displaced in veins throughout the country, just like chocolate ripple ice cream.

It is impossible to receive the nutrients we need from food alone so we must supplement. If your parents were deficient in a few nutrients that same deficiency will be passed down and extrapolated to the children. Which is why some diseases appear to be genetic.

Dr Joel D Wallach has spent his career sharing the message of nutrition, developing the research, promoting health and freedom by going so far as to successfully sue the FDA 8 times, resulting in laws that benefit everyone's lives. Sometimes the FDA will sue him! All times in Dr Wallach's favour! He has a superstar biography I would recommend viewing. He began his ‘career’ at the age of 9 by reversing his Turrets symptoms when the doctors couldn't.

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He began his ‘career’ at the age of 9 by reversing his Turrets symptoms when the doctors couldn't.

Seeing how miserable life is for these sufferers, I find it strange you do not mention it in the list of what can be cured...or reversed.

hey Arthur - I figured it would be better hearing it from himself.

Okay...sorry, I admit I did not watch the vid. Will do so now.

I made my comment on a different post of yours - however, on another older one I watched a yt vid of Dr Glidden....I've made a copy of the vid for showing an old friend who is into anatomic gold and has recently stopped eating meat etc.