Ukraine War BREAKING NEWS: Under heavy artillery fire in the "Rebel" DPR trenches

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I spent the night trenches of the Ukraine War with the Donetsk People's Republic "Patriot Battalion. Ukraine engaged them and a huge battle erupted. We came under heavy Ukraine 120mm artillery fire( which is a violation of the Minsk agreements). This was the most intense report I have done in over a year.








Please help me spread my message through the Steemit community and follow me so
you can get daily reports from the Ukraine war so you can have an idea of what the people want & what's really happening here and what has happened. All of my material is my original material. I
will be putting up some of my older materials on occasion as I start my experience in the Steemit community but there will also be at least 30 reports a month coming of original content that I'm filming on the day, breaking news of what's happening in the Ukraine war.
Remember that I am a independent journalist funded by you my viewers and readers. Please support my independent journalism by Upvoting, Resteeming, Delegating Steem Power and Donating Steem $ SBD
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Thank you.

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thanks for your work there.


Thanks I will keep pushing

Patrick, I'm happy to see your work and your attempt to keep the West honest about Eastern Ukraine/DonBass. Be safe and keep posting.

Thank you for your work. Incredible content.


Much more to come

Did not know that there was still fighting/an armed conflict going on over there, thanks for raising awareness on the situation.


I have been covering this war from the DPR and LPR side of the frontline for the last almost 4 years. Much more to come so please follow and Resteem when you can

I greet Patrick, I saw your reports and also signed for Graham Phillips, his reports are also signed in the YouTube I'm from Donetsk, I was born and work here now!my friend told me @iren007 that you are here! I'm also ready to subscribe if there is Graham PhillipsI'm pretty good at reading and understanding English, but at school we were taught not an English accent, so I write with Google - translater, a little sorry. I will be interested in reading and supporting your publications! thanks for taking the time to read this My profile in vk its true


Nice to meet you:)

Good post

Damn. Be careful Patrick. Western media and governments continue to lie about the ceasefire. Your footage definitely shows clearly that the war is still going on. Up voted and Resteemed.


Thanks I try. This is a game changer. Next video will be camera 2 uncut showing the flash from deep in Ukraine terr. and the shells landing on us. Proof Ukraine cares none about minsk or any ceasfire

You got to practice better light discipline, no telling how far that light can be seen with night vision goggles.

Subtitles in English would help a lot, too.


The light is IR so if they are using IR optics then they can see but I always stay low in the trech out of snipers crosshairs, at least I try to. Eng subs are on the way. I do not speak well enough to make them so I have to get a third party to make them.


Well, lets hope your rising star finances that.
They have translating groups, but you would have to ask somebody else for details.
If you use the chat, I am sure somebody in there would be glad to help.

Have you tried to speak to the other side?
If they could recognize you as a documentarian maybe they give you a break?

I see the solution being dialogue at the front, if the soldiers won't shoot, the war ends.


Unfortunately it is not possible for me to report on the Ukraine side of the frontline. Journalists that report what is really happening on this side of the frontline are targeted and labeled as terrorists, or in my case "Accomplice of terrorists" for doing what a journalist should do, report the truth. (Check link below to see what I meen.)


You are certainly doing it right, then.

Thanks for what you do.

Is the struggle anarchist in any way?
Nestor Mahkno fought somewhere there 100 years ago.


Thank you. With your help I will keep pushing

That quite sad and alarming to hear that . I thought everything came in control but it's is worst than I thought. I followed you and I will appreciate if you give us good stuff which is original like this. The roll of media now a days become joke , they are making us fools .. @patricklancaster thank you so much . .


Thank you. I will post everyday. As I am new to Steemit some may be archived reports of mine but I will always post breaking news reports also. All is my original content. When you can please upvote and resteem


You are welcome dear.. I will resteem it tomorrow because i resteem one post a day and i have already resteem one.. I appreciate you @patricklancaster ..

@Patricklancaster , I'm cheerful to see your work and your endeavor to keep the West legit about Eastern Ukraine/DonBass. Be protected and continue posting.

In Ukraine there are numerous things with the exception of war!

Delightful things...

I trust the contention will debilitate itself and you will have the capacity to see them!


Thank you I hope too

Holy crap, thank you for reporting this. So many people are oblivious to what is going on. Resteemed upvoted and followed.


I have been trying to show the world for the last 4 years. Thank you

I am very happy to help you spread your message I am also new to this community .


Thank you very much I with keep pushing

what a job! :-o wishing you strength and courage, resteemd en followed.

Thanks for using our service of Resteem to steemit group , your post approved in the group of more than 18000 members, and upvoted & resteemed by me to more than 2500 followers & the active members will upvote also. ☺

Upvoted and resteemed to followers here and some 40,000+ Twitter followers.
Stay safe!


Thank you so much. I will stay safe and keep pushing!!

very good post

Nice my frend, dont forget upvote my video ok...

I'm new to this, but this is a good post, upvoted and resteem!
Here i left my last articule.. Thanks and vote! ;)

Good post


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