I am highly sensitive. Am I different from others? Introduction

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Being Highly Sensitive means you sense the world deeply. You connect with your environment with an energy frequency which is so refined that you often get lost in all the overwhelming stimulus. You sense more and have intuitive knowledge. This course will not cure you from this sensitivity. On contrary, being sensitive is a great talent and a precious gift in life. Most of you have an indestructible expression of optimism, a good overview in all kind of situations and a great sense of curiosity and compassion.

More qualities are your ability to be creative in all forms. Thinking out of the box…. Let your heart speak and act…. Helping other living creatures/species/people to feel good….. Overview the lives of people you meet and respect the path they have to walk.


This course will give you insights on how to survive in the tough human world.

There are many benefits to know, especially when you are working in the field of taking care of others. You sense how caring gets more and more an issue of money, protocol and time-pressure instead of working with the heart.

You become a more valuable worker in a variety of professions who are related to helping others.

Highly Sensitive People are living all over the world. Unfortunately in many places they get squeezed by the lower frequencies of fear, violence and high expectations in society.

First you have to recognise your talents as a Highly Sensitive Person. Once you are aware of these qualities in your life, you stop blaming and judging yourself of feeling awkward about your vulnerability. You’ll learn to keep your frequency high by inviting the feeling of love, peace and joy. Master your energy and start to know why you are an emotional ping pong ball. Master your energy and prevent getting a burn out.

Yolanda Onderwater would like you to invite you to join the course and learn to understand how to communicate in other frequencies.

Yolanda Onderwater, being a HSP all her life, gave many people their strength back. She learned them how it is possible to be a HSP and stand firmly with two legs on this earth.

Contents and Overview

This course was designed for people who feel overwhelmed by the external world and wish to create more stable and peaceful life.

In this course you will learn that making a connection with others is a choice.

In this course you will learn how emotions, from yourself and others, affects your mood and stability.

In this course you will learn how to stay balanced.


By the end of this course, you'll have valuable skills that will help you quickly recognise when you adapt and become a chameleon. …

You'll also receive bonus material that gives you a glimpse on how children and teenagers recognise that they act and react differently from other children. Maybe that’s your story too.

With these lessons, you'll learn to become your own best friend again.


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