OMG DID STEEM HIT $5 +...? Oh YESSSSS it did!!

in dtube •  10 months ago

What a morning, waking up to seeing steem on the rise is surely going to make my day splendid. It’s soo good to see steemit finally getting the recognition that it deserves!! We are only two days into the new year and already we are seeing such amazing changes,

2018 is the cryptocurrency year and steemit is only heading up.

Keep steeming🌟

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Oh! It is near to $7 now! I am very exciting!


Watching and learning to see how it is done.

2018 is a year of change as finally, steemit is being recognised. Definitely a lot more is in store this year for STEEM! Thanks @orora for updating it.


I called it yesterday, check my post lol Amazing isn't it!


i just checked your post, you hit the nail on the head on that one!! NICE ONE!!


Yeah am also ....
always nice one....


how does one even learn to call such a big jump like that?


If you like it
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 1.31.33 am.png


we are going to see a miracle in the 1st week of 2018. steemit all the way!


Touched $8 today at the high. No doubt, a great start to the year. It's never too late to get in, I wish I had discovered this earlier!

OH SNAP, Its gone even higher!!! $5.20 :)))


It's about to reach $10 in few weeks/months. Gear up guys; start creating amazing content and power up now before it's too late.


Yeah this is sick! Glad I got here before everyone hears about on the national news, which is much too late versus right now. By the way, I saw your pic out of the corner of my eye on the post here and was reminded of something kind of like this.
This was taken long before she was mixed up in her tragic habits, not at at meant in any way to be offensive but quite a compliment. Anyways, thanks for the post those were my sentiments when I checked the ticker the last few days as well.


haha i you ddnt tell me i would not have known she was "mixed up in tragic habbits". but il take the pic as a compliment, looks good. Thanks:)

Guys! this is going to be a wonderful journey for all us !

$10 very soon!

6.43 Now thnx Jezus

10 dollars coming soon

Something is wrong with my Ripple. I'm trying to cash out and it's not working right.

Don't look it like $6! It is at 1.5 Billion Market Cap at this moment, and then compare it with Facebook (512 Billion MC)! We are still in baby phase :)


Sure but more and more people quit Fakebook to join Steemit so we might catch up the old lady sooner than many expected 😁


The old lady hahahahaha awww how i hate the NSA stalking me :)

Next stop $10!!


If the price remains stable throughout the day I think we can see some healthy gains in the next quarter, it’ll be bumpy though.

This, like all other cryptos, is based on sentiment, something steemians have plenty of!

Shot up as high as 6.45 however now it is falling, fast. It's already down to 5.88 in just a matter of 10 minutes, and still going down.

Wonder if it's going to keep crashing or if it'll stabilize and rebound.

Nice post!

Yes! And that's great!

We're going to $10!

It's so fun watching this stuff explode. I'm new to the Crypto world but loving every minute of glad I found Steemit also. God Bless Happy New Year to every one.

I was thinking to cash out when it is $1, suddenly it went to $3. So thought this is the best deal for the new year and was about to cash out and boom it went to $6. This rise is only stopping me for cashing out. i will wait....

I thinl 2018 eill be a big year for steem, we already started the year breaking an all time high :)

More and more to come. We all go higher. Follow @azozie

It hit 6.40 by now. I am sure that the is going to be the year of steem!

happy new year

Nice vid! I definitely agree with you. Steem is gonna get so much recognition, and the price (I BELIEVE) is gonna go up.

Can you did it really?

And more to come...

yesssssssssssssssssssssssss bby it ddddidddddd congrts

Steem to the moon as it deserves!

it will hit $10 very soon ☺


It will hit $20 soon

This photo made my day hahahahaha Nice post girl. :)))😍

Thanks . I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. interesting post

Above $6 now !

this is nuts! it's now over 6USD. I'm super excited about the future

ooo yess.....ohh wait but i have zero steemit !

STEEM is gearing up for a launch perhaps


hmm haven't heard any news, i should look it up!!

It's crazy isn't it?! Make a profit!

So what!! It was 14.5 2-3 weeks ago


That was Steem Dollars not Steem, they are two different alt coins.


As far as cashing out... which is the better to keep? Steem Dollars, Steem, or Steem Power? Is it better to keep all three? I am only on my second week now...


I wouldn't cash out just yet :) wait a few months, if you have the patience a year. Thank me later


Definitely, my account doesn't seem to be worth much yet anyway. I figure the more steemit grows the higher our account values will grow too. For now I'll just enjoying the small gains here and there while enjoying, sharing and connecting. Thank you for the advice... I'll do my best to be patient ;-) and I'll follow you too :-)


You should better keep at least 6 STEEM of your own stake stored as Steem Power (not of the delegated stake you got when you joined and possible other delegations) if you want to be anywhere near sure to maintain access to your account.
Which is better to keep is a trading/investment bet.
Steem Power is just Steem locked in your account like a saving account.
You can redeem it during a 13 weeks power down period, during which you redeem about 1/13th each week after you started the power down in your wallet.
In your wallet, your delegated stake is the number within bracketsin the left side of the "STEEM POWER" row.
It can be taken away from you at any moment, and gradually it will.
Your earned stake is the number outside of the brackets in the same row.
This number should better be above 6 just to maintain control over your account.
Whomever or whatever has your active key or master key controls your funds and can power down and transfer funds out of your account to his/its own account elsewhere, like other accounts or exchanges.


Thank you, it is still a bit confusing for me but I hope in time I will understand it better. For now I will just continue to post, comment, upvote, and resteem when I can. I appreciate you taking time to help me understand more. I'll follow you . Thanks!


I now edited my previous reply.
After you read it again, inform me if there are still discomprehensions.

Congrats to all the believers and dreamers!!!

Its a good thing right...we will climb with it🤗 from @kingklauz


We going to the moon now, buckle up!:)


Steem i think is 6.31 dollars and steem dollars is about 10.24 dollars. Those who held on to their coins are lucky.

I am glad I bought it when it was a dollar

More and more to come. We all go higher. Follow @azozie

Ok how do you change your earnings to more Steem vs SBD?

I'm a small user but it was nice to see
Good news


Im not a big cat in steemit either, but this sure is a big motivator to invest more and put more content up!!:)

$6.40 !!! CRAZY

And now its a 6$. Steemit is going to take control over social platforms


I was WOW too I just wake up :)))

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$6.40 NOW, woooooo to the Mooooon.

Now if only Steem dollar can do that as well!


Steem Dollars had its turn a couple of weeks ago, now Steem is following in its footsteps and coming up guns blazing!!:)



I'm a new user so I don't know how this is going to affect me, if it affects me at all. I'm still learning the system. But I find your excitement infectious!

Steemit $6.44 now,
Will hit $7 or $8 tomorrow

@orora wow wow wow wow wow wow we keep winning

On the way to 1k :) @orora

That's nice! But look at your post go^!

Steem will be at least $15 soon ;) Have faith peeps

it just crossed the $6.33 mark and it doesnt seem to be stopping , headed higher


Nothing can stop steem now, to the moon we go!!:)


came down to $2.92 Fellas !!!

yes yes yes!! i subscribed, how could i not? awesome job girl. looking forward to more. i love your reaction it was awesome.

its fanatastic.

Yah i also shocking and feels very happy...i hope that it will grow very high in this year...

Happy new year to you....@orora


HAPPY NEW YEAR @durgaani i believe its only gona go higher from this point, it will probably make a correction and decrease a little but it will go back up higher than ever!

The key to its prosperity is that individuals have confidence in it. It makes a difference to individuals and that is the wellspring of its fast overall revenues. It will 100% outperform $10 dollars before the year closes.

Definitely, it's better than average news for all steemit part. Expectation it will rise rapidly ...

Work wide amazing for seeing steem even in South Korea

woww...congratulations to all...:))

It's $5.98 now.

following the footsteps of bitcoin??


Can you imagine if it actually reached the heights of bitcoin, that would be insane!!:0 :))

Yeah, it's really good news for all steemit member. Hope it will rise quickly ....


So far it has us all shocked!! Great news

Wow! That is awesome. How'd that happen though?

almost 10 dollars tho its going skyhigh let's make some profits :p

hurry steemit

Where do you think it’s heading to?


2018 going to be a great yer for steem

Amazing Baby You are the luckest one

A great way to start the new year indeed! 🍻

I had it for two weeks and I just sold it before it went skyrocket high. I'm so regretting my decision. ;(

I wish I had more Steem !


HAHA you and me both!! Im currently day dreaming of the amount of money i would of had if only i had more steem! Oh well, we are still winning with the steem we have!!:))

its still peanutsss.. just watchhh :D

We are rich :))

Yeah..I'm not really surprised, just as I and my buddies predicted last year... Steem is gonna soar even higher than this....Yessssssssss

Happy New Year 2018
If it didn't bring you joy
just leave it behind
Let's ring in the new year
with good thing in mind....

Let every bad memory
That brought heartache and pain
And let's turn new leaf
with the smell of new rain...

Let's forget past mistakes
Making amends for this year
sending you these greetings
to bring you hope and cheer

Thank you for being one of the people
who made this world a wonderful place to live in.
I pray that you’ll be blessed with good health, security, success, peace and joy.
Happy New Year 2018 to @orora and your family

I couldn't believe it but at the same time i always said Steem was undervalued..... I mean look at this living breathing platform! it's truly amazing and its just the beginning

Good shit! I'm so glad I am on the platform before it really takes off... Personally, I think Steemit will do to reddit what facebook did to myspace!

Keep up the great work, this community is growing week on week..

As people get wiser they will flock to steemit bringing new content creators and a bigger audience
Best of luck in 2018 to all steemians 😏

yes dear u r write steemit amazing that time

Gotta get me some steem before it’s too late

@orora Ooooh ya 2018 surely gonna be the year of cryptocurrencies/Altcoins but we will miss 2017 forever because it give crypto world a very powerful & energetic boost.Like we sen BTC reache $20,000 ,Ripple cross the historic mark of $1 for the first time,ethereum reached $800 & blockchain wallet start accepting bitcoin cash and some other positive progress happen in 2017 that we all know.

Now really looking forward for the better future ..!

6.82 to be precise and am happy because it feel a new year present... We keep growing in the steemit family

Thanks for the update @orora

Really, it is very good to see the price of the steem more than $6.



Wussup miss@orora. i just saw your video and i actually thought you were South African. You pretty hot, but i find it really special that you are a young black girl who is growing the the knowledge of crypto. When are you going to visit South Africa so i can buy you a coffee or should I come to Aus?


hahaha il be sure to inform you when i come home, it would be awesome to do a steemit gathering! @kofibeats

yes now lets keep it growng


stay committed to the platform and we will keep rising!!


I am trying. still learning though

Great !!!
Good news of 2018 .

excellent publication, my best wishes for all and peace, love and joy shine in each of their homes in this year that is beginning. a hug