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RE: DTube 0.9: Doubling up your rewards

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Wait a minute, dtube is leaving steem in a very fundamental way: going forward dtube users will not need a steem account and the token economics will not be mediated by the steem blockchain...I would say that counts as leaving. You can retain the functionality of posting links to steem (which is fine) but how is that going to contribute in creating demand for steem?

This is Dlive all over again (although a soft version of it). Think about it, they had a huge delegation of steem that was used to cover their costs and now they will operate with their own blockchain. I for one will not applaud this. In fact I am going to stop voting on any content that is posted to dtube so that no beneficiary rewards accrue in dtube's favor.


You can still use DTube in the same way you could in 0.8 and post only on Steem if you'd like... The only thing removed from Steem is the content discovery. You've seen how easy it is to get top trending (this article is an example of it). I want to create a fair and balanced economy where the token distribution isn't a complete joke and where people sell their votes to monetize their stake so easily, something that has been happening on STEEM for years now, and I've blogged many times about my stance on it, and tried convincing influent members of the community to do something about it, but alas here we are still.

Now you can call it a soft-lino if you want, but I feel offended. You see 1 similarity and you automatically think we are evil like them?

I believe you are not ill-intentioned right now, but what's stopping you from splitting apart in the future?

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What's stopping you from cheating on your wife in the future?

Come on man this isn't minority report. You can't condemn me for something I haven't done.

I didn't condemn you at all. I'm sorry if my comment came across that way.

What I wanted to know is what dependencies remaining on Steem chain that would require additional development efforts if Dtube were to totally split apart from Steem.


Nothing. Just like nothing is stopping you from powering down and leaving. Bloke wants to keep his business afloat so he's making sure it delivers his vision of what users need.

Speaking of complete jokes, I have a question for you. I too yelled at the clouds for quite some time about this vote selling nonsense and by now I think most can see the damage it has done, especially since so many new developments seemingly want to distance themselves as far away as possible from the madness happening here.

I'm also the jackass who sat here holding SP and curating manually for nearly three years, while so many others got paid to look away.

I don't create video content, but I still want to to be able to support some of these Dtubers from time to time in the form of votes. I have 26000SP. Will I need $10000 worth of these Dtube tokens now to be able to offer any meaningful support to these creators if I see something I like? I'm sorry if it says something about it up there in the post but goddamn that was a long read and the stupid cat was sitting here meowing the whole time.

What's in it for me? As a curator.


From the whitepaper. Note that staking tokens is not needed, VP never stops growing and the 100% curation rewards.

Also, almost all dtube posts will still be posted on steem, so you can still reward them with SP.

This testnet is a 'marxist' version of our blockchain where everyone gets 100 free DTC. Obviously gives an advantage to multi-accounters but as it's a testnet we do not really care.

1.0 will start with a massive airdrop to our community (creators and CURATORS), so if you curated some DTube stuff in the past you will be rewarded for it with some decent starting stake.

Excellent. As you'd know, I certainly can't get around to all of those videos, plus there's some music and reading to do here as well. It's a nice gesture to include the sporadic curator in the mix.

That's far better than attempting to create a complete community from scratch. Kudos man.

How are we flagged as a creator for airdrop? By using it now or just a sign up later? If I do post content here on testnet will I still receive steem now? I'm a bit confused when I look at the site/read this post.

Why are you using all these bid-bots to promote your post then if you are so against them?

I understand where you are coming from. In my opinion the content discovery is more a UI issue, for example on both the search and the content ranking is different to what you get on steemit.

The fact is that you are going to use another blockchain and therfore the economics of Dtube will be disconnected from steem. Technically dtube will have the same connection to this blockchain as other video delivery platforms... just another link. Users will need an account on your native blockchain and steem will not even be used for bandwith.

steeve is centralized.

That is not the point. The point is that the ranking of content is entirely up to the user interface and there is no need for another blockchain to acomplish this. Besides, the content displayed on steeve is the same as the one shown on other steem interfaces so your comment doesn't make sense.

No, steem's rankings are built into the blockchain. Any rankings not built into the blockchain are not using the decentralized consensus and deviating hiding part of the blockchain from the user.

The payout is descentralized. You can rank the content based on that or any other metric. In the end all user interfaces are just fancy block explorers. So what if steeve uses a custom algorithm to display recommended content? You can still search for everything else. Again, that is not the point. My point of contention was that Dtube will use another blockchain to rank content and I was using an example to show that the same effect can be acomplished by other means.

It can, but it sacrifices the idea of decentralization.

Descentralization is a tool that helps with censorship resistence (that is the real goal). But some applications require some level of centralization that is inevitable. People don't need to run a full node to transact on bitcoin (and it would be impractical), they can do it just the same using a light wallet. The same principal applies when interacting with the steem blockchain. You can either run a full node and connect an interface to your local instance or you can use a light client (like steemit, busy, partiko, etc).

I am sorry that you feel offended, your motivations might be different from the lino guys but the end result is the same: your project will run on it's own blockchain. I was hoping for dtube to be a big part of this ecosystem but now I feel disapointed.

It runs on both blockchains in parallel, one can backup the other at any time. Using Steem's trending / hot again would be really easy, I just don't expect to want to use it again. But otherwise there's not one blockchain coded to be 'superior' to the other in the UI, it's just the vote a tag thingy I cant do on STEEM atm, and it would just require adding a 'memo' into the vote operation basically.

Forgive me for being aprehensive but you can understand that after the Dlive fiasco I am not inclined to trust blindly anything that resembles that move. I hope things work out, have a good day man.

Glad I not the only one who was thinking this. It a great idea but I confused on how other than the token support its good for steem. The token and accounts are in its own chain not even a sidechain.
And while it allows for Steem and other token to be monetized using scotube, dtube itseld doesn't need steem?
I love to see another prospective of this.

It is easier to onboard people onto the Dtube chain. Those users can then eventually make steem accounts with the steem earned.

It's also just better for users, which is never a bad thing.

How does a sidechain help steem anyway, other than make steem power needed for bandwidth.

Steem is required for enabling 'author rewards', its pretty fucking obvious any creator doing OC will want a steem account ;)

While I don't doubt what you're saying is true, it's not obvious to me that creating OC will drive Steem involvement. I am still digesting the massive update, so expect I am simply not grasping this. Please forgive my slowness, but also note that I am probably not alone, so be patient with we tards.

There are two chains, three tokens (four if you count SBD) and a raft of great advances involved in this update. For those of us that have to take off our shoes to count past ten, time and gentle explication will likely be necessary to get us up to speed.

How is Steem required to deliver author rewards in DTC and PAL?

DTube chain is 100% curation rewards. Basically the author of the content isn't a variable into the monetary distribution. Only the list of votes is. The author basically gets a slight advantage for being the first vote in the list. But if he is a minnow, and his content becomes very popular (whale votes), he will make a very small % of the total rewards, while on steem or pal he would always make 75%

That was unclear to me from the post.

This was obviously not a random decision, and it seems counterintuitive to provide 0 author rewards with DTC. What is the advantage to DTC, Dtube, or creators to this rewards structure?


Almost none of this update makes sense to me. It seems designed to be obtuse and ineffectual. A lot of what DTube says and does contradicts itself. I don't get any sense of cohesion here, or like the project is going anywhere. 3 years later and uploads still don't work. We'll never compete with YouTube if we don't even take ourselves seriously. This is a joke.

Well, I can relate to not understanding the implications of many of the particulars of this update. However, it is clear to me that a great deal of thought has gone into it, and lots of work too. I try to always be aware that plenty of folks are smarter than me, and expect to fail to easily understand things smart people do.

That's why I ask dumb questions.

Dammit! I replied to me instead of you. Sorry.

They don't earn steem? They earn dtube coins....
You mean sell dtube for steem-hopefully... If anything they'll sell for Usd,btc or eth....
It great for users(hopefully) but it that all it good for steem?
The sidechain helps bridge steem accounts keeping one account. Allows for it to scale vs mainchian. It helps give steem more use and in the ecosystem more. And the RC thing is a big if steem is going to do the backend as a steem app platform...

Dtube has large stake (delegation), so they can convert RC into free accounts and sell for DTC (which they have said they might do).

So they become an steem account seller?
I guess that cool but that a pretty limited thing.
Delegation that were given to encourage steem users to use a decetralized video network are now used to create a steem accounts. Well I guess I can't ask for more. I assume this was a better than dlive move as it was more open?

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