Geese & Gulls: The Frenzy

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      Welcome to the first fantastic #featheredfriendfeedingfrenzyfriday feature! Fawesome!

      "But Omra, that tag is too long and stupid. And it's not friday." Okay, I admit it, the tag is a bunch of crap. Speaking of crap(nice segue), today's video features a certain crap-enabling Steemian by the name of @brisby. This will make sense by the end of this post. What started as an innocent trip to the park to feed some geese and/or ducks, turned into a crime spree. Not by me, of course. But by a certain aforementioned Steemian.


      As we walked along the path, we came upon an area of the lawn where a lot of geese and seagulls had congregated. The perfect scenario for a frenzy. Although, the geese were already pecking at the ground. We wondered what they were eating. It turns out that, during the summer, geese mostly eat grass and sedges. They rely more on berries and seeds in the fall and winter months.

      Well, new food began raining down near this mixed flock and it reacted immediately. A couple of the geese got really close to me. As it continued to rain food, it became clear that the geese were getting most of the spoils. And the seagulls did not seem too happy about it.

      This one gull, in particular, kept mean mugging me as it walked away. I have to admit, looking at this picture is starting to make me a little angry. You want a piece of me bird? Bring it! At the time, I didn't know where it was going. But, now, I realize it was probably heading to find a park ranger.


      Oh crap! During my research for this post, I came across this map for the park. Then I noticed the warning in the bottom right corner. It reads:

Help keep the park clean

Each goose creates 1.5 pounds of droppings per day,
contaminating the walkways and lawns.

      You're probably thinking the same thing I was. Why would brisby want to ruin the park for me? Uh, I mean...the children. Has she no shame? Looks like I owe that gull an apology. Maybe we'll get together, have a couple glasses of fermented fish, and discuss turning brisby in for a reward.

      Well, that concludes this edition of #featheredfriendfeedingfrenzyfriday. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day! 🐦


You can learn more about Canadian Geese and Seagulls here:

Geese - Audubon
AllAboutBirds - Geese
Gulls - Audubon
Gulls - AllAboutBirds


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Thank you, Snook!

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Has she no shame?

Nope. 😂

I'd be careful making any deals with that gull. With that glare, I don't think it likes to share.

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dancing gull.gif

The wanted poster is sooooo funny @brisby! She's nuts! LOL!

😁 It's funny because it's true! 😜

I hope that you're having a wonderful Sunday, Whatisnew! 🤗

Well done! 😂

I am very happy I read your story first before watching the video. That seagull was NOT NOT happy!!! LOLLLL way too funny!

OMG @Brisby is so BAD to feed them fancy frozen wet corn.

smooth criminal squirrel.gif
Smooth Criminal 😜

Still waiting to hear about that reward.

I'm happy you enjoyed it.

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HAHAHAHA!!! What a fun story! Crap-enabling @brisby. LOL! Hey Omra...did you and the gull have a glass of fermented fish? (my stomach just flipped.) Maybe you should have @brisby walk the line...the poop line. LOL!
In answer to your question at the end of the video, @brisby was feeding them frozen, wet corn. Not a good idea @brisby! LOL!

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YAY! Thanks so much Omra! : )

I'm glad you enjoyed this. I had a feeling you would.

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