Waxwing Poetic - Just A Bird And It's Prey

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I was walking in the park, just the other day, when this fine looking bird came fluttering my way. My crack research team (@brisby and I) thinks this is a cedar waxwing. It's definitely a cool looking bird. As a bonus to this video, you can hear an obnoxious girl talking loudly in the background.


      Waxwings are a member of the cardinal family. Instead of the bright red color normally associated with cardinals, waxwings are usually light brown in color. Like cardinals, waxwings have that signature crest upon their heads.

      Waxwings represent gentleness and courtesy. When a waxwing enters your life, look at the gentleness you are experiencing or missing. Are you getting the courtesy you deserve? Are you giving others the courtesy they deserve?


"They also course over water for insects, flying like tubby, slightly clumsy swallows."

      What initially caught my attention was the movement in my peripheral vision. Something kept flying up, hovering for a split second, and then diving below the embankment. As I filmed I wondered what this bird was doing.

      It wasn't until I watched the video on my PC that I noticed the big, juicy, bug fly by it. How lucky to capture such a moment. Too bad I didn't get a shot of it actually eating the bug. I've still got a long way to go with my camera work.


Thank you for reading! To learn more about Cedar Waxwings, check out the following websites:



All gifs and images are my own unless otherwise noted. The rest are used with permission.


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Thank you, Snook!

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What a neat looking bird and you can definitely tell it is in the cardinal family. Glad that "the team" found out the name of this bird. It can be very frustrating when you search for hours on end and can't find the answer. I like what waxwings represent so thanks for that information. You made that big bug sound very appetizing. LOL! Great video Omra! I enjoyed it. : )

I never knew how many types of birds there were until I started looking into them. It's mind boggling.

You're telling me. I'm craving a big, juicy bug myself. 😜

Thanks for your support my friend. Wonderful day to you!

I know exactly what you mean. Same goes for flowers and insects.

Ew, Yuck! Craving a big juicy bug just isn't right Omra! LOL!

Thank you for your support as well Omra! Hugs!

It is a fine looking bird! I love the info you shared about what the waxwings represent. Did you know that you can edit your tags? All except the first one. That one cannot be changed. But you did a great job of finding my post and adding your link to #featheredfriday.

Thank you so much. I did know that but always forget to do it. Good to have a reminder.

awesome captures you got there.

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Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day!

I think the girl's chattering annoyed the waxwing too. His head whipping around to stare in her direction...😆


I didn't know what waxwings represent, thank you. It has me thinking about what I was experiencing when last I saw one.

Is that a crack pipe on that banner? 😂

Have you seen one since?

Yup! 😆 No, I haven't, I want to go back to the lake to look for if there are more there.
I did have a bird settle onto a picnic table near me yesterday. It flew away when I went to take its picture though. Looking through the guides I think it's a chipping sparrow but I can't be sure.