Late October Kayaking

in dtube •  18 days ago 

Hey Dtube fam, we are making the most out of the last few days to get out kayaking. Getting in and out of the kayak your feet get pretty chilly from the water!!!!

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It's quite beautiful out on the lake now. The trees look like trees looked like here about three weeks ago or in Tallinn, Estonia about a week ago.

It is amazing video.

I'm feeling lucky you got me out there one last time. It was lovely.

Looks like some beautiful Michigan weather, and whatta buncha cute ducklies! :D

Any news on the relocation to a warmer clime front?

Sounds as if our high winds must be a global phenom... lotsa wind here in SoCal lately, driving a lot of fires.



Another cool video. I hope it's not too cold over there, but I know the closer it gets to Christmas for you guys it's all about that snow...
Here it's currently pouring down with rain, but it's been well over 100F so the rain is a welcome, if inconvenient relief from the heat.
Last night we had the monthly Adelaide Steem Meet Up and I am going to be doing blog post and a video about it. It's always cool to get hints and tips from other Steemians in person.

We has a dusting of snow last night. We are at 0C right now so feels like Fall is over.
Yeah meeting folks in person is a cool extension of online life!