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Waitlisted....What are my Chances?

"Hi, i was recently waitlisted by Columbia for the M.Arch I program and was wondering if there were a lot of people that got accepted on this site and are leaning towards not enrolling. The waiting makes me truly anxious since they were my top choice. Is it even worth it to reach out or try harder like visiting the school? "

Thanks for the question BlueSquare. Applying for university is tougher and is made that much more difficult by being placed on an Architectural Waitlist. I too at one time was also placed on a waitlist for 2 years hoping I would get into the program that I at the time Idealized.

Now at the time I had a few acceptances and prospects from other schools such as Trulane University, Villanova University, Temple University, Drexal University, and more, but I was most excited about Trulane and Temple University. Ultimately settling on Temple due to it's architectural prestige and amazing technology resources.

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In 2007 I was first accepted in Temple University as an undeclared student. Their "sales pitch" was essentially that even though I wasn't accepted into the program right away if I worked on my portfolio and collegiate academics I would surely be accepted in. So for 2 years I enrolled in art classes from art history to architectural elective drafting. I worked on my portfolio and would talk to students in the program frequently. Despite that and even people dropping out of the program Weekly was not let into Temple's Arch program.

I had the grades. I had the portfolio. I have the drive. The only thing I didn't have was a chance off the Waitlist. So reluctantly in the spring on '09 I decided to take a step back and reevaluate my Architecture path.

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After much research and the help of family I enrolled at Essex County College where I studying Architectural Technology and to become certified in computer aided design. Not only did this give me a way to continually build my Architecture portfolio but it gave me into New Jersey Institute of Technology. The long term plan for the 2 years at community college was to make up time I lost at Temple by going to Community by saving money, getting 1 degree and 1 certification, and to use the college's sister school New Jersey Institute of Technology to receive an Accredited Bachelor's degree.

At first I thought it would be hard to get into NJIT, but since I had worked hard for 4 years with a portfolio with a variety of works the process was simple. I chose Instant Decision day / appointment instead of the normal application process to speed up the time I'd know. I only had the summer of 2011 to figure out my college situation, so it was crucial I know everything as fast as possible. Ultimately, I got into to NJIT went thru the infamous Architecture program.

Simply, put don't wait around while your waitlist. Take active steps to grow your skill and portfolio. Take advantage for everything from Instant Decision days to Grants to help transfer you into your Architectural program as fast as possible. If you don't get accepted it's ok. You can take the year or semester off while you find you an Accredited Architectural Program.

I hope you enjoyed todays video. Thank you for Watching!

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