Taking #STEEM Twitter HUSTLE to the Next Level

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Hey #STEEM Twitter HUSTLERs,

Please continue hustling on Twitter for you, for your community, for your project and for our blockchain #STEEM. I’ll be handpicking my remaining 7 individuals for Zweeet20 and 20 individuals for Zweeet40.

All the members of Zweeet20 will get up to 21,000 STEEM delegation donation next month. All the members of Zweeet40 will get up to 3,000 STEEM delegation

Zweeet20 List

  1. @mariannewest
  2. @freecrypto
  3. @priyanarc
  4. @jaynie
  5. @thereikiforest
  6. @d00k13
  7. @bluengel
  8. @prettynicevideo
  9. @iamjadeline
  10. @josediccus
  11. @madushanka
  12. @kaerpediem
  13. @steemersayu907

Zweeet40 List

21 to 40

Thanks a million 🙏

Also if anyone missed the

777 Chapter 5

then please check it out and get up to 20,000 STEEM delegations for your Twitter HUSTLE


good job guys

That is Awesome and as per the anticipation this is really going great Nathan. Love you bro for sharing all the positive vibes with steem users.

and Congrats to each and every users, lets make the twitter feel what we are capable of.

T.Hustle is on

The steem hustle is on!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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It is 4am and I cannot sleep as the most brilliant idea just made its way into my head!!!! I dont know how or why I didnt think of doing this before!!!! I cannot wait to fill you in as to what I am going to do... I will be putting out a post later today and will be sure to let you know @nathanmars :) sooooo amped!!!!

This is wonderful to see @nathanmars. The broader you spread your delegations the better. But please protect your own level of sp. Until you lose it, you do not know how important it is in this nuthouse. I think you should start small with all of these delegations and see where it puts you. Then readjust monthly or so.

YOU are the face of this project and you need your power in this steem game. You will be able you count on your delegatees, but still you do not want to make yourself weak.

Woah so all the @OneLoveDTube curators are on that list!!!! Great work guys, Twitter out your hustle muscle 💪

Stoked buddy, doing the best I can!

Still that list, no matter what happens this will be a big boost for our efforts.

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Also Amaaaaaaazing Hidden Numbers
@bluengel found !

21K + 3K = 24K SP

24K is Pure Gold ! 순금 황금
2019 is 황금돼지해(^(00)^)~♩♬

지금(Now; Present) is most Precious !

also Today is 24 Hours !
86,400 seconds !

Solved Decoded @nathanmars ♥ 7OVE Davinc Cod(e)ing !

오늘이라는 지금의 소중한 시간의 선물에 감사하며~♥

Chaos is order yet undeciphered - José Saramago’s (The Double)

the movie <Enemy> 2013 by Denis Villeneuve’s Opening scene sequence

<에너미> 2013 드니빌뇌브 감독님 오프닝 시퀀스
늘 항상 떠오르는 오늘~!

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Good going! The 13th name has been identified. Congratulations again to everyone on the list. You deserve it with all the hustling effort. We will support for as much as we can.

The hustling continues... and getting stronger!

Zweeet40 would be encourage another steemians for more Twitter hustling. Your every big parts of works bring tremendous destination anybody. But never end, continuously keep going.
#STEEM on. Keep Hustling.

Well great thinking, it will be more effective for 21-40 twitter hustlers.

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