777-Chapter-5 : Up to 20k STEEM delegation for 20 Twitter Hustlers

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Please kindly Do not revisit previous chapters (updates) of 777 and previous chapters are now closed

777-Premium membership

If you're an individual with 300 SP (Excluding delegations) skin in our Blockchain and you also have an active Twitter account, then you will automatically become 777-Premium member


At any given time, maximum 20 777-Premium members will be given up to 20k SP delegations for their Twitter Hustles to market/promote our blockchain. The more you hustle on Twitter (to promote you, your passion, your community, your projects and our blockchain #STEEM ) the more SP delegation you'll get. Your delegation can be cancelled at anytime without notice and there will be a healthy competition from other 777-Premium members. The amount of SP delegations will be increased, decreased or cancelled depending on your Twitter hustle

My Personal Mission

I'm hustling to get seed funding for my unknown experiments from three people I admire the most in this world, When I start hiring for my Billion dollar #STEEM dApp, I'll first consider hiring 777-Premium members

Keep on Hustling on Twitter with #STEEM hashtag! 7 days before 1st March, all the current delegations will be cancelled and 20 individuals will get up to 20k SP delegations from 1st March, It'll be an ongoing process of hand picking my Zweeet20

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It is indeed one of the best thing that could happen for our Blockchain and tbh it is feeling great to do it for the sake of our blockchain and make sth out of the effort that we are bringing to the Steem ecosystem.

Very much appreciate your support and appreciation brother and lets make the Twitter Hustle much more and attract people in here.

Cheers !!

This is a great campaign to get everyone tweeting about steemit and Steem on Twitter! I had a few thousand followers from my previous blogging efforts when I went to steemit almost three years ago now, and I've been tweeting about steemit ever since I got here. I'll check the steem tag and probably follow a few more people that I haven't followed yet. Always great to find cool new Steemians here, on Twitter and anywhere! 👍

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I'll continue the hustle, because it'll be a massive sucess at the end expecially when we manage to reach one million #steem tweet and begin to trend on the trending, then we're nearing massive adoption. Honestly thank you for giving us the opportunity to hustle

Before this project existed, I did plan to create a Twitter account specifically for Promo Steem. This is even more fun with this project and I have a lot of engagement on tweets and steem posts. Two mutually beneficial platforms.

Thank you for support Steem on Twitter @nathanmars @theycallmedan

I know one thing for sure, your tweeter campaign is gonna be a huge success ... Why? ... Because of your prompt response and a huge support to all the hustlers ... I have experienced this today. Good luck, I'll definitely remain the part of this campaign.

Have a nice day to all and @nathanmars.

!gif do the hustle


Tweeting like a spring-born twittering sparrow ;-)


Keep up the good Twitter HUSTLE m8 :)

@nathamars this is fire... and inspiring me hard... to shape up and preform. I am not active on Twitter.. but Now I'm in.. won't let you down.. have been searching for the incentive. found*

see you in a few days


I believe in you dude!!

Start your Twitter HUSTLE today :)

PS. I’m sending you a message on Telegram in few minutes regarding Mexico 🇲🇽

I have thought about contributing to promotion #STEEM on Twitter without receiving any rewards because I believe that steem will have a great future...
This will encourage me more to continue...
I hope I get a reward, and if I don't get it, I won't regret because I'm sure I'm doing the right thing.
We will meet in the future. When everyone knows the value of steem
Thank you @nathanmars



Thank you @nathanmars for this support to Steem Blockchain.

Keep on hustling! <3

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I like the one It's not how you start. it's how you finish. :)

Hustle intensified...

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Yes it’s kind of true that Hustle is intensified!

Best to say“Competition Triggered”


Nice! I’ll be leveling up my Twitter game then 😊

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Thanks dude!!

Good luck with your Twitter HUSTLE!

Sending you love 💕 from Japan 🇯🇵 to China 🇨🇳

OMG @nathanmars you are the man!!
resteeming tweeting too haha!


Thanks a lot darling!

Good luck with your Twitter HUSTLE:)

very nice!


Thanks bro! Sending you love 💕 from Japan 🇯🇵 to Brazil 🇧🇷

Good luck with your Twitter Hustles !

Killer. You don't sleep in service. 😉 Always working hard man. 😊

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I’m a real Hustler!

Prove me you can hustle on Twitter and get my 20k SP delegation:)


You are indeed a huge hustler 😊 I'll always keep doing my best to get the Steem name out there 😊

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very good initiative, congratulations


Thanks a million:)

Have a wonderful day!!

Thanks for the update brother @nathanmars #steem on

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Appreciate your Twitter HUSTLE bro !

Keep up the good work:)

This is inspiring me.
I am ready to hustler on twitter.


Go for it bro!!

Show me your hustle on Twitter

very good initiative, congratulations
Thanks for the update brother @nathanmars
You are the man???

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Thanks a million brother!

Keep up the good Twitter HUSTLE and enjoy your steem journey:)


I willdo my best but not a good SP.
What can i do..

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Contribute to our Blockchain and earn your SP!

I’m sure you’ll be get good amount of SP by contributing to DApps

Just hustle for the long objective insight...for Steem and for 777 . ...Steem on 👌

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Keep up the good hustle bro !

Sending you love 💕 from Japan 🇯🇵 to India 🇮🇳


Include pakistan.
Most of the pakistani community loves you a lot with me. 😀

sorry guys i knew my hustling is week but i do as much as i can


We’re eagerly waiting for your Twitter HUSTLE

The name is great and I think many will tske advantage of the opportunity and will continue to embrace the culture of promoting our ecosystem externally!

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I will have to increase the steem promotion in my circle. I'm on a tweeter but I only put in my dub video from my passion what a movie is.

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I like the 777 ;)

King of Twitter hustler. I admire your tenacity and velocity and passion and dedication. 😊💪💪💪

Wooooooooderful ! :)
LOVING ♥ 777 Project ! ♩♬
Let's #Steem twitt Hustle ~ !
daily 710 now and almost daily 1,000 !

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I do promote #Steem on Twitter whenever I can. It's such a great initiative, @nathanmars.

Thank you Nathan sir for your huge twitter hustle.Twitter Hustle is crucial for bringing value in steem blockchain as well as attracting people outside of this platform..
More hustle more curiosity and more attraction. looking to expand social media campaign. Retweeting and listing steem hashtag will increase people's curiosity to reach potential bloggers far outside.
Good afternoon my fellow #STEEM citizen

Its getting competitive day by day but no worries im trying my best .
Lets keep hustling.

I promote steemit on YouTube and my blog but I’m not a Twitter fan


Thanks your honest comment!

Appreciate your contribution to our Blockchain :)

I know Twitter is not for everyone and remember nothing can come closer micro blogging


Thanks for reading my reply and thanks for the upvote because it’s hard to earn steem nowadays

Well damn, this is badass! Tweeted 😋

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Am hopping to live long enough to witness the Billion dollar planet.
But before then, my tiny twitter hustle continues taking awesome shape.

Congratulations @nathanmars!
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No, need to describe my work here, hehe😁. Come and directly joined me on Twitter 😊.

sending #steem love to all🙏🙏😊😊

Your latest post brought me here. Sucks I can't be apart of the rewards but that doesn't stop me from promoting the steem blockchain. Can't wait to see steem grow before my eyes!

Is there anything we need to do to join in? I'm happily hustling with you all.

My twitter profile

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Thank you for the update 💖💖💖
Much Love ✨🙌✨

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