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Recently I picked up my first drone so I could film our holiday to Tasmania. After crashing the DJI Spark at full speed into a cliff surrounding Coles Bay, Tasmania (the sound still haunts me) the frame broke snapping one of the rotors off. I was deviated because I had purchased it for the main purpose of filming the proposal on the beach. I had never used a drone before so it was bound to happen I suppose.

The same day I went to the pharmacy and applied layers of strapping tape to the broken frame. To my suprise it flew again!

Here's my trip in under two minutes. I'm glad Grace @photooftheday said yes when I surprised her! The beach was very windy on in the morning, but I still managed to fly the drone while proposing - even if I put the ring on her wrong hand in the end (it's true males can't multitask)!

All filmed on the DJI Spark and accommodation was the amazing Thalia Haven for four night. I truly won't forgot this moment!!

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HI. I’m not a robot. I just wanted to say congratulations! That’s great. I wish you both the best!

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Congratulations dude! :)

Cheers. Thank you :)

Aww! Congratulations!!

Absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations, that sneaky panning drone shot over the beach as you were walking was VERY NICE!

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