2 Pretty New Years Eve Makeup Ideas Education

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Hey Dtube Family,

This is going to be my second upload for my Dtube Channel and I hope that you will enjoy the makeup tutorial.

Christmas is over and new year’s eve is just around the corner! I’m going to share with you two new year’s makeup looks that you can recreate at home. If you don’t have the same shadows or colors, don’t worry because you just can change it up with the shades that you have at home.

These two makeup looks should inspire you to dig into some glitter because it’s the perfect time to play around with it and have fun with it (:



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Thank you,

xoxo, Melissa

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ALL MAKEUP GEEKS, feel free to RESTEEM this article! Let's keep spreading the word with real life everyday makeup application!



Glad your coming back. I understand how you feel. I am adding a business account Jan. 1 with Vimeo and will be doing the same thing you will be doing I will go back to Youtube and keep that as a base so companies can access something in the future. I also will experiment with other methods to host videos that way (in theory) they will load fast and be available in the future. Thanks ! aloha from Hawaii, Rich

@sharkenvy Thank you :) yeah, it works really well with Youtube because the video won't disappear and so, if you're doing it for you company, I definitely would keep the video on Youtube and then post it on Dtube as well :)

I haven't really gotten into the hosting thing but I will have a look at that one as well :)

happy to see you are working on dtube platform.. hopefully will see more make-up tutorials from you.. I love doing make-ups so hope you understand how much a girl can be make-up addicted.. 🤣🤣 see you around..


@priyanarc Thank you :) yeah, I will be posting more in the future :) And I know that if you've been into makeup, nothing can keep you away from it and you just want more haha :)

you are absolutely right dear... hahaha... i can't stop myself buying new makeup product... haha

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Hey @mvd! Glad you are back and that you made this #awesomediycontent! I didn't use makeup by myself buuut I think we need more make-up tutorials on dtube :)

Thanks for sharing!
Have a good switch to a successful year 2019!

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@tibfox Thank you so much! Yeah I miss the makeup tutorials videos on Dtube but for the moment it's the time to get to know people rather then ''focusing'' only just on makeup! Love the community :)

For you too! Happy 2019 :)

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I have upload issues to, it’s fucking annoying

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@illucifer same, but I also believe that you need to be the lucky one to get it uploaded in one go because the last two ones took me ages to upload but the one from today was pretty quick...


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I can relate with the frustration of the uploads. I always have to try at least six times and always get errors. Hopefully this year they work out the most of the kinks. You are so pretty. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. You are a natural and I enjoyed your tips and techniques.

@jessbutterfly Wow! that's super annoying!!! Yeah I hope so too that they will fix the problem because it just takes ages to upload!!!

Thank you so much for you feedback!! and btw, nice to meet you :)

You are very welcome! Nice to meet you too.

Better Natty without make up :D

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