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Just want to hop on Dtube to share with you a brief update on how I'm doing with uploading my videos. Hopefully, there are some information that are useful for you as well :)

Thank you so much for your suggestions!



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Thanks for that info. Isn't it just easier to upload the video directly from your computer to DTube instead of uploading it to youtube first and then downloading it just so you can upload it to DTube? Whatever editing software you use on your computer to edit your vids to youtube and upload it you should be able to use for DTube. No?

@mediumjack well the way you explain it, doesn't really work for me...of course, this would be much easier but my laptop or any of the browsers do not like to upload it that way..

that's really strange as I use Chrome for all my uploads without problems. It's the comments I have troubles with on a regular basis. Have you experienced no problems with uploads using the method you descibe through Brave? Seems a bit cumbersome, but if it works then it works.

@mediumjack really? If I use Chrome, I can sit here for hours to try and upload it but brave is fine!

What problems do you get with the comments? As I never had any issues with it.

lol...seems we are polarities. I often find my comments to be in idle mode, and never make it to post. When that happens I usually have to log out of my DTube account and log back in. then it works. The comments stop working if I have the page open for a few minutes without engagement.

Oh! no, I've never had that problem also because I normally leave comments on steemit it and not so often on Dtube but still under the same video :)

Well I hope I've got a solution for my uploading issues. Thanks for the info. I'll do download BRave ASAP.

Thanks For Sharin ! :)



@steemersayu907 I hope that this is working out for you as well :)

Hopin For The Best :)

Hey, I'm a developer of a 3rd party IPFS video uploader, and the goal of this project is to create an alternative way of uploading videos onto DTube without going through the official DTube upload servers at all. Therefore, content creators will have choices of which uploader they find more reliable to use rather than having to rely on a single upload server (it creates decentralization which is good for the entire community).

The uploader works asynchronously, which means there will be no encoding queues at all. Your videos that you upload goes directly into the public IPFS network which makes it easier for other IPFS nodes to pick up your video, therefore your video will always be playable even if DTube's servers go bust as long as it remains in the IPFS network.

I saw that you mentioned about the vague error messages on the official uploader. Our uploader shows more detailed error messages, no matter when the error occurred (upload errors, SteemConnect errors etc).

The @onelovedtube community is one of the DTube communities out there that is hosting my uploader as well as the videos uploaded through the uploader. They charge $10/month for the video hosting service. It comes with access to the uploader available at https://uploader.oneloved.tube, as well as Discord bot commands for pinning your videos uploaded through DTube's upload servers.

If you're interested, the plan is available at https://oneloveipfs.com. If you have any questions feel free to talk to me on the OneLoveDTube discord server.

Here's a review video by one of our customers on the service if you're interested to see:

@techcoderx Thank you, I'll message you :)

As a matter of fact yeah those issues are indeed an issue for most of the users and glad that you found your own and sharing them while yeah have been using Brace browser for some time and I do like most of teh features on it and as it does not have ads upon it so it is way faster than other browser that we normally use.

Besides hope Dtube will take necessary measures for this issues in the coming days :)


@rehan I love using the Brave one because as you said it stops ads from showing up and you won't get distracted and I can upload my videos without problems :)

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