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This is my entry for the Promo-mentors Steem Challenge - Thank you for 2018.

I decided to a pick a person to say thank you for the support that I got from he/she. I really enjoy the content that he/she is doing and I would love to get to know her/him in real life as well.

It's hosted by @promo-mentors and sponsored by @fundition.
Thanks to @promo-mentors and @fundtion for making this challenge possible!

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Here is my Facebook post as well: Click here

Thank you,

xoxo, Melissa

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OMG Melissa thank you!!! I didn't expect you to choose me ahah that-s super nice of you! And yes, I'm sure we would get along great in real life too! I hope I can make it to Australia some day and visit you =) I'm glad I could support you through your beginnings of Steemit, and now you're doing super well, so that makes me happy! Thank you so much for your entry into the challenge!

PS: I love the gift!!! It's perfect =) BIIIIG thank you =)


@evecab no problem at all! I have to say thank you! And your support is amazing and I really appreciate it :)
Have fun with Steem Monsters! :D

Hy @mvd

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Well, this is impressive. Thanks for sharing this!