latest dtube 0.6 update version.

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exactly nine hours ago dtube updated to a newer version and made a big change.
at start of logo.
the old dtube logo is almost similar to youtube color that mebalut all red logo, while the latest dtube logo uses red in play and black mode around it.
speed to watch video faster image quality better already updated to hd.
when playing videos from home categories using faster and lighter modules, the homepage will be a little faster when loading.

in older versions dtube does not have the night mode feature consequently to watch the video for too long cause eye pain.
Screenshot (4).png
but now the dtube has stepped a little bit for the newly embedded version of the night mode / dark mode feature.
to activate the mode, move the cursor to the search manager whose name is 'Night Mode'. and instantly turned dark.

so i know and i like dtube too.


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Why won’t my videos upload to DTube 😫? I’ve been trying since two days ago and it keeps on saying error

try to restart dtube and try to upload the video again.
I also never had erro dtube

Wow, appreciate for the info, btw, I am Glenn, nice to meet you.

thank you I am happy if there is a comment