We Are Giving Away All Of The Earnings From Our Dtube Announcment Post To The Winners Of Witness @Block-Buster's First contest!!!!

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Yes, you read correctly we are giving back all of our earnings from the Dtube post!!!! We posted the video on Dtube 2 days ago and so far have a potential reward of over $300!!!! See the picture below...

Plus we all know that this price might go down and it might even go up!!!!! Our mission is to really try to support artists here on the platform and make it very attractive for artists outside of Steemit. At this very moment, the @block-buster account doesn't have very much Steem Power so it was decided to give away our earnings from the post. If you haven't seen the post feel free to check it out and upvote it by clicking the link below.

Now for the good stuff!!!!

Contest rules

We are looking for the most creative artists here on our platform because that is what we crave here on Steemit is great talent. I love hitting that upvote button (could be an addiction). So in order to join the contest, you must make a video about how Steem has changed your life or the life of another. We are looking for videos with an artistic twist. It can be a song, a poem or even a time lapse of you painting your story. The sky is the limit for this contest but must be submitted in video form. The contest prize will be high so bring out your best and may the best Steemer win!!!!

  • Make a video minimum of 1 minute maximum 10 minutes explaining how Steem has changed your life or the life of another.

  • Video must be posted via Dtube...(any video submission not uploaded to Dtube will not be accepted sorry)

  • The post must have @block-buster and @block-bustercontest tags included in your post
    All videos must be submitted two days after the post is paid out giving everyone 7 day to make the video.

  • Resteem of this post is appreciated but not required to enter the contest.

Once all videos have been submitted all entries will be put together in a post for the community to vote on. The highest amount of votes is what matters, not the $ dollar amount.

The top three contestants with the most votes will split up the prize as follows:

1st Place
50% of post payout reward
2nd Place
30% of post payout reward
3rd Place
20% of post payout reward

As stated above all liquid rewards will be divided with the contest winners. It doesn't matter if SBD goes to $100 next week the contest structure will not change.

Good Luck to everyone who enters and let's have some fun!!!!!!

Don't forget to vote for @Block-Buster for Witness!!!


To vote, use the link above, and go to the bottom of the page, and enter block-buster into the box and click the VOTE button:

Witness Post Announcement

I hope you all enjoy this video!!!!!

Until the next post


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One problem is that a large number of submissions will make it impossible for any meaningful number of community members to see many, and the vast majority of votes will be votes that just aren't sufficiently informed. Anyone with enough followers who will listen to them, can possibly just take the prize. Yeah yeah, i'm annoying AF, i get it, but in the heat of the moments, is exactly when empires most need their socraTEASEs. This is not some profound observation. Just a statement of the fact that the best post is not only unlikely to win, but is unlikely to even be seen. Unless it's really great, and the right person clicks on it amongst what could be many many entries. What if someone pays 1,000 minnows 10 cents each to vote on it?

Lol sorry. It's a Good thing to do, making this DemoCratic, and not directly associated with the weight of votes. It'll still be a popularity contest though, at least that's most likely, and by that i mean a contest of the popularity of the content creator, not the content.

Working on contest ideas myself, so this helps.

Good luck on the witness Block-Buster!

You made some very valid points and will definitely consider them. But it will not be the number of votes on the individual post submission. Each video will be posted in a new post and viewers of that post will be able to vote on the video they like most. Having more followers does help but I will keep this into consideration for future contests!!!!

Thanks for the quick reply. Everyone is still trying to figure everything out. If you ever want any help looking over policies in the future, let me know. I'm not incredibly deep in steem specific knowledge yet, but i'm good at finding problems with just about anything. Just voted for your witness with bitcoinparadise as one of only 3 witnesses so far.

thank you It will encourage others to participate and bring more views

Always happy to resteem a contest. :)

That is great it would be a handsome amount.

Very interesting post!
Very interesting to see.

You guys are doing a great job on this contest

Thank you much appreciated.

Apakah ini nyata

Ah! What are to do now oh! A guy with horriblw voices, not singingor artistery skills now!.........lemme just be watching while that huge pay go to some lucky winners though.

Hey being creative is an art. I don't think there is one single person that lacks creativity. I'm pretty sure you can come up with something great just put your mind to it.

Very nice promotional project. I wish you good well

nice.. carry on dare

Its good to see things like this happening in steemit. This community is a real giver. Thanks for looking out for other steemians.

Its good to see things like this happening in steemit. This community is a real giver. Thanks for looking out for other steemians.

good job on getting the witness up man.

Thanks I appreciate it just trying to give my fellow Steemers some motivation and do my part at the same time.

Heet @mrviques, after long hours of adding this video on @Dtube we finally got it online. Dtube had some troubles with Snap photo but it has been solved :) Here is video from @minigunner and @artakush ;)

nice contest, i will be gearing up to join.

Great idea, but in the future try to also make a contest for those of us who have no artistic inclinations and whose creativity is not that great.

Nice contest and awesome price. Congratulations to the winners!

Great contest, I would have loved to participate. Not much of an artist haha

But is is great to encourage the community to be active and creative. The incentives are there and should attract talent.

Earnings from this comment will be donated to steemlab

Its looking interesting for steemians

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Yet another brilliant idea from the man who is dedicated to making this platform so much better!

I shall be entering AND Resteeming & Upvoting this post!

Congratulations on being a Witness :) Good competition as well

i like reading deep posts on steem like this one,let me re-read it

thanks friends for his motivation, very useful information
success keep friends ...!

Nice Post if you want to get more exciting news and events details you can follow me and get instant posts and news about altcoins and bitcoin.

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (08.01-14.01): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @mrviquez for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

Hi @mrviquez, I have made a video and posted via dtube as required. See link https://steemit.com/dtube/@bob-elr/4wbkxoon

Thanks for the opportunity. I'm not a Musician either but I like poem so I made this short video.

I like a pos brother. Plis vote @caspersteem

Nice one, am new here so I think I need go look for a good camera and join this wonderful contest. You are making steemit a more fun place to be. Keep it up

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