Steemfest Vlog Diary - Conference Day 1

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It's time for talks, performances, panels! 

In my last post and first vlog you see that the evening before, at the "opening drinks" we had a great start to the conference.

Steemfest Vlog Diary - Conference Day 1


Videography by @thehipsterguru

The Conference 

When we got to the first day of conference the next morning, it started with a round of networking, some breakfast and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

After the SMT talk from @sneak I gave a presentation about APPICS and it was amazing to see the support and excitement not just from my team, but from the whole community. I enjoyed connecting with all the other teams who are also building projects on Steem or want to create an SMT and like I said in my presentation.. we don't see competition, we look for collaboration.

If you want to watch the replay of my talk 


my talk is at 1:44:39


After a long day of conference, it was time for some food and drinks!

The Venue

The weather was just perfect, during the day sunny, a beautiful sunset during dinner and an almost full moon at night. 

The location was really nice and invited us to take lots of pictures and shoot videos. If you couldn't make it to Steemfest, I hope this vlog diary gives you the experience and also there is a replay of all talks, so feel free to check them out on @roelandp's account.

Much love,

- Mrs.Steemit


what is steemfest please guide me

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Thanks for all your contributions to this community and a more fabulous world!

Great to finally meet you. Wish you and your team the best. You have a lot of greatness in the works!


The pleasure was mine. You're doing inspiring work and I wish you and your team also all the best

I am grateful to know you appreciate it. Hope to see you soon.

Best Regards~*~

That was an awesome event I hope you really kill the stage with your speech and now we're just waiting for the SMT to be implemented.

It was great to listen to your APPICS talk at Steemfest.

Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)

Thanks @mrs.steemit for creating a diary of your time at the steemfest. This allow us to understand better what goes on and how rewarding it can be. You now have a treasure of memories and the priceless joy of sharing them. Wonderful post!!

Hello. I am a Korean who gave you Steemit banner.
I was glad to see you at Steemfest.

It was great meeting you! Have a safe flight and see you at the next Steemfest :)

Thanks for the shared experience. Looking forward to seeing the APPICS platform develop and getting every morsel of news.

By the way, cool gifs.

@mrs.steemit looks you guys have passed some enjoyable moments.hope you both have enjoyed a lot.and important things is you have share it with us.keeep it happy

I love it!

I discovered your profile recently, you and your publications are amazing, now I am your fan. I hope to meet you at the next SteemFest! Greetings from Venezuela!

See you there :)

This is great ! Really enjoyed the vids :) Best wishes. - @splendorhub

It looks like quite an event. Hopefully, I will be able to go to Steemfest next year. When will the location be announced for next year?

It was amazing! Not sure about the next location, but @roelandp will announce it

An interesting experience to attend the event, a very long trip, which can be cured after meeting with the steemians .. Greetings from Aceh. @mrs.steemit

If in this pic you, you are looking so so beautiful nice ND thanks for your post regarding Steem fest. Love it.

wow looking beautiful dear. thanks for share

Totally amazed with your presentation, I love the way you express yourself

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beautiful moment with sunset

Very interesting. Great pictures!

Awesum Post!! Thnx for sharing such Useful Info :)

Thank You @mrs.steemit For Sharing This Information With Wonderful Picture..
Best Wishes For You..

Thanks for your interesting reports about SteemFest2and the good pictures/Videos! :)

I have seen many post of steem fest, and I am quite sure about that you guys had enjoyed a lot, so best wishes and luck form my heart to you all

nice post with explanation

It was indeed great and it does feels great to know the details went out in the SF2.Thanks for sharing it and as usual you do look pretty gorgeous!!
and i see some familiar faces in your gif as well :)
Your team is indeed one of a kind :)
especially @soldier i have gone through her profile and posts but not all of your members of the crew :)

overall the tour of the [email protected] was cool :)

This is pretty cool. Seeing the insights and all. Really amazing post.....;-)

Congratulations @mrs.steemit!
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Great Post! Take some time and watch my pictures :)

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

A great information @mrs. steemit.

Great impressions, thanks for sharing @mrs.steemit and maybe see you soon again!!!

Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing your experience.

i wish i will be here and enjoy the fest. @mrs.steemit

woww excellent information, thank you so we are motivated even more great luck ;)

Great talk on @APPICS here.. I have saved this post so I am able to answer a few more questions that come my way from new members. Thank you 😊

Oh my God..... I dream to be a part of that ceremony....just on my dream.. if they ceremony exist in Indonesia, it Will be amazing i think....
From your photos i can see that Steemit is really famous ini your country... Thanks for your nice post

Nice post.You Lock Great @mrs.steemit!

It seems you guys had lots of fun too.
I enjoyed your pictures. Sorry can't watch the video since I'm on phone.😆

wonderful post once again its great to see you enjoying out there lovely pics :D

so nice pics and so beautiful

cool travel

COOL... 🙋
Take Care GOD Bless

Why do I live so far from these cool event...

Was good seeing you at steemfest2! Nice move on the dance floor at the closing dinner.

Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!