The Story of the Toads in our Pond!

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Water is life and

You build it and they will come.

Two phrases that typify this video...

As you all know we made a pond!

It is a magnet for life on the homestead and we enjoy sitting by it watching our fish and all of the other organisms that are attracted to it.

Frogs & Toads, of course!


When mama and papa toad started mating...

I saw him sitting on her back for hours at a time. She would endure this for long periods of time. I first noticed a black curly “string” in the water... which I soon found out were eggs. Then I spied them “in the act” and saw the eggs coming out of her which he then immediately fertilized.

Soon thousands of eggs filled the shelf of the pond!


In this video, I walk through this process and give you a step by step video log of the toadpoles at various stages. They’re about a month old now and it feels so good to be creating habitat for wild creatures.


In many ways we humans can make a difference by creating habitat because so many creatures’ habitats are dwindling in the face of resource extraction and human encroachment. This isn’t even bringing into account pollution and the ‘cides which especially harm the bodies of amphibians.

It’s a treat and honor to provide birthing chambers and a home to grow up in for these American Toads.

I have read that each year a toad returns to the place it was born! I cannot even imagine what this will mean for our garden. Toads are incredible garden allies.

Giving thanks on this Beltane evening for all of the blessings in our lives and all of the joy that comes with a pond.

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this is so beautiful to see over time! i can't tell you how much i FEEL you on this one. little dudes hatched here a month or so ago...and we have quite a few chorus frogs living in our backyard stream/pond now. ohhhhhhh how i love to just sit and gaze at the life that visits the water...inside and out. so much JOY! thanks for this video ya'll! i absolutely love all you share!


:) yes!! i can imagine your chorus! bringing life into southern Utah in a sea of lawns. you all are so awesome! happy spring! i imagine it's super abundant there :))

sounds like alot of frogs haha :) so jealous i wish i had this much nature around me.

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thank you kindly!

The kids and I were looking for tadpoles last week, down by the stream. We built a little pond and need to have life in it. My kids aren't patient enough (and neither am I) to wait till mama frogs decide to lay their eggs in our pond. But in the end, we did find some but decided to leave them where they were. It's always great for a next visit.

The spring is truly a time of (new) life. I love it!


cool! love that. i keep thinking what i would have thought about this if i were to have had it as a kid... i was always down by the creek looking for salamanders, making potions in old logs and creek stomping. it's the perfect education for kids. glad you're getting out with them!

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@vincentnijman... toads!!! 😱😱😱🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️😱😱😱🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️

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hehehe ;) xoxo


Hahaha! :>)

This is really beautiful! I can't believe the transformation from last fall to now. Can't wait to see the lavender blooming, that will be amazing! (Watch out, we may never leave, lol) oxoxox


Yes! This is the most wonderful thing. I hadn't seen that you two had built a pond, though. Will have to refer to previous episodes. Loving the children's story mode you seem to be in creating this brilliant writing. Love the tadpoles too. And him sitting on her back forever. Reminds me of certain farmer neighbors I used to have, somehow!


yes!! never leave ;) we'll find an a-frame for you to stay in ;) ;) love you! so many transformations around the homestead

Beltane blessings to you! The pond looks amazing and just look at all those little ones! Amazing.


XOXO so much love dear

That had made me remember my past!

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awesome! did you grow up by a pond?



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I've so been waiting to see the pond finished. So cool the critters moved right in. The pond looks amazing!


cool! thanks :)))

How beautiful to witness new life and more diversity. Water is life! Thanks for sharing this joy with us :)


indeed! it's a real pleasure :)

I used to love keeping tadpoles and watching them grow into frogs.

Thank you for the lovely reminder of a nice childhood memory.

Very cool! You have a beautiful place. It was so great meeting you and Ini at the Baker Creek festival. We are trying to become active in this whole DTube, Steem thing and a lot of that is due to our conversation. Thank you for your guidance and sharing this video.

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