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in dtube •  23 days ago

We're back with our second post of the day, after some technical issues. This battle features @sparkesy43 versus @cryplectibles in a 22-mana Standard format. Watch what life leech can do!

Thanks @sparkesy43 for referring us to this battle in the comments section of another post. We love when viewers submit battles to @monstertalk, especially ones that are complex and worthy of study. This battle does not disappoint.

As always, leave us feedback in the comment section! Brought to you by @dhimmel and @trang. Good luck in Season 5!

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Thanks for featuring my battle (and annihilation of @cryplectibles). I've just sent my Monster Mavericks upvote from Steem Monsters over to show my appreciation.


Thanks a lot! I didn't realize that players could trigger the @steemmonsters upvote. I've $registered to become a Maverick now!


Yeah it's pretty good. Glad you could get signed up.


and annihilation of @cryplectibles

There has got to be a nicer way to put this ;)

That was a great battle! I love trying to find opportunities to mix in the rewards cards and find out what they can do, I think that was one the most pumped I had seen him get. I wonder how much different the match would have gone if I switched the archer and jester places, I doubt much though. One day I'll find that perfect wall of monsters surround and protect him. That flesh golem was a beast that almost wiped out my whole team by himself. Awesome video @monstertalk, that was a fun match to rewatch.


There are many nicer ways, but I wasn't going to use any

But you're right, that was certainly an epic battle - one of the best I've been involved in. It's like the Flesh Golem was feeding your Vampire, and the analysis from a couple of neutral observers was fantastic to listen to.

I hear you about experimenting with the newer cards. I like to toss one in every so often too, I'm just trying to level them up so I can get maximum benefit from them.

That flesh golem was awesome!!! But, since my main is the death splinter I will try to figure out how to take use of the vampire, even though it cost 6 mana.
Once again, a good run through from you guys.

Keep up the good work!!!

Epic battle between sparkesy43 and @cryplectibles! Thanks for reviewing it, @monstertalk.

As @cryplectibles said, now it's to think up perfect, safe little nests to hide Vampire away in so it can use what it's leeched.

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Great match to watch! Honestly, I think it could have gone either way. With one well timed dodge from the jester, there would have been enough firepower to take down that golem... but alas.

Excellent! You are really coming along nicely with this evolving videocast. I'm very glad you are (seemingly) covering all of the reward cards (one by one), because we are ALL naturally accumulating (and leveling-up) these cards as a result of the daily quest rewards, so it is a SURE thing that we can all benefit from the more detailed insight into how these function. I also think it is a good idea to invite battle requests in the comments section. I STRONGLY suggest that you start a decicated YouTube channel for this videocast, so as to extend the reach to the larger YouTube audience, AND so that you can embed these videos into the varous social media platforms (like Twitter - which allows you to play the video right inside the tweets). You may also want to transcribe these episodes, which will further extend the reach, and shouldn't require too much effort, as these videos are relatively short). If you have any questions on the social media marketing end of things just give me a shout. This is what I do...

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