Bring Me Sunshine Live music performance at the Balstock Music Festival 2019

in #dtube2 years ago (edited)

I popped over to Baldock in North Hertfordshire to hear a friend of mine singing in a local pub.

The song choice was Bring Me Sunshine played on a Ukulele by Steve and accompanied on Clarinet by Danielle.
The duo are known as Swing 47 and Danielle is not just Steve's accompanist.

All donations from the gig went to local charities.

This old time music is still very popular and has been around forever.

This song was made famous in the UK by the comic duo Morecombe and Wise as their closing theme tune.

It was also made famous in America by Arthur Kent and many others.

It is a classic piece of music and loved by everyone. So here you are.

Have some sunshine. Enjoy.

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It's sure is and has been a hit a bazillion times all over the world. Fingers crossed Ade lol

That Steve guy sure seems familiar! 😉 Looks like a fun time!

It was a blast Mel and really surprised me just how busy this little town can get. Steve is pretty active on steem so you have probably seen him around.

I knew who it was the minute I saw him!

It was nice to see some live music. The town was jumping. 😋

What a beautiful evening... Such kind of evening always make my day... Lovely song...

The town was buzzing with excitement. It was a nice thing to see live music alive and kicking. 👍😋


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Very cool. Did you know clarinet was my instrument in high school coz I had braces and could not do trumpet lol.

I had no idea! You have hidden talents lol blow us a tune. 👍

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