Acoustic Lumineers cover in the upholstery shop

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I play in a band that’s usually a little loud, crude, and rude. But this past weekend, we volunteered some of our time to go play at a state-wide gathering for the Girl Scouts.

We didn’t have much time to prepare, but here’s one of the kid-friendly songs we played at practice the night before the event :)

Edited at @carlgnash’s suggestion to include a YouTube link

Dtube was working surprisingly well the night I uploaded this, but I realize that it often works poorly or not at all. I will try from now on to post a YouTube video as well if and when I use Dtube again.

▶️ DTube

Hey Melody ☺ Nice to hear your voice

Thanks Michael! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post any music :)

Shoot I wanted to listen to this but dtube has not been working for me at all lately. Can't get it to play. Hey just a tip, I strongly recommend that anyone who uploads to dtube also upload the video to youtube and provide the youtube link in the body of the post so people can actually, you know, watch the video. When dtube inevitably doesn't work. You can always make the youtube video unlisted if for some reason you don't want the video appearing on your normal youtube channel. Cheers

EDIT - finally got it to play :) But I stick with my earlier tip - dtube is not a reliable video streaming service in the slightest, best to also include youtube link with all dtube uploads.

I like this, nice to hear the harmonies and acoustic lineup. Hope the kiddos liked it :)

Well darn! Dtube just recently started working again for us so I figured I would give it a go. Thanks for the advice! I’ll update the post with a YouTube link when I get home with a better WiFi connection. Thanks @carlgnash!

it is hit or miss for me, but even when it "works" it takes literally minutes to load. I basically open a dtube video, walk away, and in a few minutes it will either finally play (and even then, be glitchy and freeze regularly), or it will serve up an error message.

I’ve figured out if you manually set your dns server in your router to google ( or it seems to work

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