DTube Comedy - Charlie Kidnapped My Bra! 😂

in dtube •  5 months ago

I was just about to have some guests over my place when my Dog Charlie decided.. he wanted to kidnap my bra! lol..... 😂

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Greetings, sweet and beautiful Meme

Too much coincidence you post a video about your puppy today. 2 hours ago, I posted one too about a prank I did with my hehehe. Funny, yes, we thought we'd do this puppy post on the same day!!!

Your video was very funny. I think it's nice to have a puppy at home because it's an excellent companion. Brings a lot of joy to the house that is inserted. We can play with them, watch movies, TV, walk, play football, walk on the street.... A lot of things. Usually they're always happy.

Mine, when not playing or eating, is sleeping hehehe.

Thank you for posting and Good morning!!!!


hehe thank you :) I hope you have an awesome day!

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