World of warcraft - Battle for Azeroth - Game Play - Leveling New Race

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

Hello to all lovers of World of Warcraft, a new expansion, you have to prepare, all my friends decided to move to another realm, Area 52, and it's a good time to start a new character, there are new breeds available, Taurens high mountain is what I've chosen, I have not played for a long time, and it's the first time I've recorded a video of my game.

Excuse me, maybe the quality of the videos is not optimal, I am learning to use these programs, I enjoy doing this but I really do not have time, the work consumes me a lot and I do this at night.

Here is on YouTube if you prefer.


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Many time that i dont see this world... thank you for the video... the music is perfect

thank you. this was my first time i record a gameplay.

My grandson plays this when he visits me but that is not often enough.

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