How To Support DTube 📺 Content Creators Using WebTorrent To Help Host Their Videos (Cryptoverse)

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On today's episode of The Cryptoverse:
DTube is an excellent upcoming decentralised application. The major problem is the reliability of the IPFS based file hosting which causes videos to stop, buffer and stutter.

Now that DTube v0.4 has been released, the system has a fall back mechanism where it can pull the files from WebTorrents instead.

By following the steps in this video, whether you are a content creator yourself or a big fan of one, you can help to host their new uploads to DTube and make streaming much smoother for everyone.

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I haven't yet had a chance to watch the video as I can't listen to sound right now (I will watch it when I get home), so sorry if my question is obvious. But am I right in assuming this is essentially the same as seeding torrents to other sites?

Right now I don't have a 24/7 PC (I need a new CPU :/), but I do have my main computer on nearly all the time with a 1gbps upload. If I could help in anyway I would be willing, but is it worth it even if the PC isn't on 24/7?

oh yes it's still worth it for whatever period of time your computer is on :). The swarm is always in flux

Awesome, I've got it all set up! Uploading from now on :)

I'm new steemit i need help sir.....

Upvotes me & thanks.....

Nice! This makes it even more decentralized and helps reduce the load for users.

Hi, I'm on Dtube for a short time and I realize at every moment, all the possibilities that this pleteforme can offer! Perfect your video !!!

Much has changed since I first went here over the summer.

Excellent video. Keep up that goo work!

Is it possible to do this on linux?

I just tried this on an Ubuntu Linux netbook and it would only take me to the files whenever I clicked on the .exe file so I'm not sure it does work on Linux unfortunately.

EDIT: You can get Webtorrent Desktop for Linux from, I think you just have to add some of the URL from the mod version. Double check with @marketingmonk or check the comments as I think I saw something about using normal Webtorrent and adding a line to it.

This is really pissing me off now. The .exe will not work as it is telling me the node.dll file is missing and every time I try to post the question here about how to fix this it will not post my question and I have to log back in, for the 20th time, and when I do the video is gone and I have to go back and redo my question.

Any aid and assistance on this @marketingmonk? I am more than willing to devote computer resources to this and I am a content provider, just not a computer programmer but competent.

Thank you for sharing the info! Great stuff

Good stuff, however the system that I can run 24x7 to host your videos is 32 bit and the webtorrent is a 64 bit software :/

OK that's cool. Depending on how eager you are you can still download the regular web torrents client directly from the developers and then copy the magnet link into your web torrents. It will seed the file all the same, it's just a manual process that has to be done for each video.

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check my channel

where on your channel? I could not find anything related to linux and webtorrent.

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just started to try this and immediately noticed there is nolonger a magnet link on the drop down box for any of the videos....

Hi ,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

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