Just Passing By (by Billy Arcila)

in dtube •  15 days ago

I very much like this composition by Billy Arcila and wanted to record it for quite some time. I play it slower than Billy Arcila to let the harmonies live a little longer.

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ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Wow... Very very lovely music and excellent video post...my dear cute friend.. @mariusfebruary 💕💕 love you


thank you - your gif makes me think about my "stage appearance" haha


Oo... Really 😱

Dear Marius, thank you for sharing <3
I was truly touched be your heartfelt rendition of this song I teared up!


Thank you <3


I didn't know you can sing @mariusfebruary. Nice!!

So am I the ONLY one on here that can't play an Instrument? haha, Nice one.


obviously yes :D

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I had not heard of Billy Arcila before.

So just went to check him out on YouTube. I much prefer your slower version - it lingers much more softly on the ear.


Wow - thank you. His compositions are great and I hope to record another one one soon. I am going to play it slower, again.

Great job Marius, what I love is an acoustic sound recorded with Mic, to hear the natural sounds from the outside, it's Neuman right? the music piece you performed was an amazing song, keep up the good work man :D



Thank you. Yes :-) - you are right, it is a Neumann TLM 102. I'd be super surprised if you also figure out the objective lens this picture was taken with at half past ten PM without a flash. This was my view recording the piece with the camera invisibly blurred in the back.


awesome photo in that time of day, I am not so good at camera's lens :D haha , well I said about Neumann cause in past I was searching about all the mics, Audio Technica and Neumann are great

Very well done!

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Beautiful sound! Start the morning placidly thanks to this video... :)
I loved!

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That was really mind-blowing I am speechless...
Your guitar is on the normal tuning?
Those intervals on the little finger are hard to reach on a classic
You know that you gonna to post every week from now on right? :D
Nice to put a face on that name, you have that surfer vibe a bit...

Ps: Upvote yourself! Nothing wrong with dat!


Thank you, Ed. Yes, normal tuning with capo in 2nd.


Thanks brother

Well played <3

Yes. This kind of videos I want to see more on DTube and this type of content would make me use it more than I use youtube on a daily basis. Nice, blockchain music 😁.

This is sooooo beautiful! I've felt in dreams and memories and you warmed my heart.
Thank you for sharing this #awesomedycontent!

Cracking tune great work 💯🐒

Just amazing. I was listening and went somewhere in different world. Smooth guitar playing. I love playing guitar though I am not specialist. I am just learning now. I might need your advice in future. Followed you to become your friend. Here is my guitar.


Such a beautiful piece and very well played!!!
I studied classical guitar in college, I wish I hadn't stopped.
Thanks so much for your support of dsound and musicians on Steemit!!!💞


A great compo from Billy Arcila.
And a great live interpretation from you, sir. :0)
This is simply beautiful!