Such exciting times for the DTube fam! The background music was super chill and enhanced this vlog. WOOO.

Catch ya around!

I like to pump it uuupp.

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Love the embed changes. That's going to help so much spread Dtube even more on social and other blogs etc...

Pardon my ignorance, but does Dtube have (or plan to have) playlists that you can edit? Only thing I can't seem to find but would love to see in the future. But knowing me, it's staring me in the face and I can't see it lol

Appreciate the break down of all the features man!

They keep to themselves except for the big ones... I cant say I have heard of playlists mentioned recently..

The search engine indexing update is by far the most significant. Until now, there has been no real benefit of uploading to DTube, apart from the possibility of a whale vote.

Now there is the ability to bring in organic traffic via the usual techniques. real 'immediate' benefit..

Thanks for explaining everything in regards to the update. It's an exciting day. I'm pumped and getting goofy with joy. 720p baby!

Awesome informative video Maneki :)

This is sick man! Living lavish on DTube with the new 720p update! XD Next one will be 1080p and I cannot wait! :D

Awesome! Great content for dtubers. Happy about the upgrades. Thanks for sharing.

Hopefully there will be more of a smoother way to watch DTube videos as we had issues with lag in the past. It's good to hear about the upgrades especially in terms of upload speed and quality of videos. All around, it's good news for all, but especially you vloggers ;) Keep it up funky @maneki-neko!

Qualität ist sehr schlecht.

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