Bitcoin and Cryptos Are a Dire Warning to Holders of Fiat Money Wealth.

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In this report I cover the early market action from London on Thursday, December 7th, 2017. I also talk about bitcoin, gold and central banks.

Tax Reform and the dollar:

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I will be publishing my videos for through D.Tube from now on.

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Agree. I think we're beginning to see the giant equity drain away from national fiat into cryptocurrencies. Still think it will take at least a couple of years before most crypto can scale up enough to handle the load of Visa / MC. This makes me think that the graphene tech DPoS that Steem, Bitshares and EOS is based on will have a major breakthrough this coming year.


Yes. The scalability of steemit is a big plus. I like EOS too.

Another interesting video @maneco64. Many cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing compared to paper fiat. How long will this continue? Will there be a big crash? Could this be a sign that paper fiat is entering it's finally days? All of this is really new territory. We will get our answers soon enough.

You should probably provide a link to the YouTube version of your video as I think some people still have problems viewing Dtube.