My entry for DTUBE2019 Contest- Plans for Bring New Peoples to Dtube Community

in dtube •  13 days ago

Hello Dtubers,

Good morning/ Good evening to you all. I'm such a Dtube fan and most involved with Dtube community. So I try to do something and try to improve community as well. In fact I looked yesterday fellow steemian @blind-spot arranged contest name called My entry for DTUBE2019 Contest.

If you not participate this contests please follow instruction through below link.

I give how I bring more peoples to Dtube community. Please listen for more...

Check Out my YouTube video.

Have a Nice Day.

Keep Dtubing.

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Great entry my dear friend I really appreciate your excellent vlog



Thank you my friend. Highly appreciate your support to my vlog.


Haha welcome same maybe joining this contest

I am very happy friends for your participant here, I strongly believe that you can do it because I strongly believe that you are more stronger for do this. Let's move forwards mutually.


Thanks your encouragement response my friend.

You can!! and you will because I can see you have determination! #zap+


Thanks your encouragement mam @prettynicevideo.
Your commenting important for reach my goals in future.

Good luck with that goal. I think it may be a bit challenging to get people on camera if they're not used to it. But good luck with it none the less.


Thank you for your wishes.

THis is really great thinking i appreciate to your challenging goals. Keep it up bro thanks for share



Thanks your feedback man.