Al Franken Done For, While Trump Loses HUGE Ally

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Al Franken resigning from the Senate, bitcoin skyrocketing to $19,000 U.S dollars, with even Venezuela getting into the crypto world creating their own currency to rival the U.S petrodollar. All the while Corey Feldman gets vindicated and Donald Trump has just lost one of his key allies.

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Grow your own. Use alternative currencies. Practice Agorism. Make your own. Don't comply. Don't obey. Teach your own. Inform the Sleepers and try to wake them up. Question everything. Thanks Luke.

I won't invest in the petro as I hate Maduro! :)

The world of the Internet has its merit

nice friend have a nice day

Just because a country goes crypto doesn't mean it changes how "crappy" the fundamentals are but yet they will "always" try....haha!

It's clear Trump is not practicing diplomacy. Quite the opposite. He is doing everything he can to destabilize and provoke.

Question is what's the end game? Do they really want WW3? Idk, but if relations with Saudi Arabia are going to hell, the dollar is going to crash.
Maybe they need a war to keep funding the war machine even if it does. Or maybe it's so when we're at the brink they can unveil the new world government to save the day.

Hard to say in a world being run by psychopaths.

Dude, your work is only getting better. I have a brother that looks just like you. Good things man.

There's no reason for be in Syria at all. There's no legal or valid reason to be there. Just leave all ready.
Russia is the only valid actor in the middle east at the moment. While U.S. funding and arming Isis, Al Qaeda the Russians and Iranians kicked their asses.