Net Neutrality Repeal What You Really Need To Know

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the repeal of Net Neutrality as the FCC ruling just came in. As Ajit Pai the head of the FCC proposal was just approved. The fake news was broken down by independent journalist Tim Pool and Luke Rudkowski.


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You should really step up your mic work. (look like gain is too high, It's clipping)
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Another thing to consider is advance in technology, bandwith cost is decreasing every year so I don't know how these ISP's are going to survive by increase price in a market where cost is decreasing..
Also ISP's are not only competing with other ISP, they are competing with businesses that want to sell products/services via the internet, those people are going to provide free internet for everybody if they can get those customers to buy their product.

Do you guys like facts? NOPE. Got it.

In the USA net neutrality has destroyed small businesses...
For my company of 5 people because we are a business we pay $650.00 per month with Time Warner Cable. Do you know how much it was before net neutrality? $99.00! So please stop with your nonsense. Learn some facts. Net neutrality has increased prices on small business while keeping the prices of MEGA corporation down.

All of you sit at home with your mom pretend to be doing business. Getting quick rich of crypto currency has nothing to do with knowing economics or business. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Most of you are just too young to even know how much the internet was before Obama, heck most of you don't even pay for your own internet.

Exactly. People should just look at what net neutrality does whenever it is enforced. Take the Netherlands for example. Or they should ask themselves why in the world any cable provider would even dare to restrict your internet access price as well as content-wise. As long as there is no state run monopoly, providers will always try to offer what appeals to the most customers. They sure don't want to loose money because people don't want what they're offering. It's common sense.

Yes it is! I am glad other people understand this. Thank you for the reply!

This video explained a very complicated topic simply. Thank you for adding it on to this video. Internet is a public utility and ought to be treated as such. This is a play by the telecommunications companies trying to monopolize there strong hold against other large monopolies like facebook.

Quick Rich?? This is far from a Quick-RICH platform, bitcoin is still not widely adopted.

Good One...Simply to understand...

Now that is a great post

Probably the best picture to describe the BS that is happening to the internet, That I have seen yet lol

Luke you have been reppin the people with no bias for years much respect.

This is bad because it affects other countries...... I think that in the future you will be taxed on the oxygen that we breathe..... We're living in a world that knows nothing but money.

He is dead.
🙇😢 😢 Aaron swartz2.jpg😢🙇
The Story of Aaron Swartz: "The Internet's Own Boy" Director Q&A

I signed in just to upvote this. Can't recommend the Aaron Swartz story enough. For anyone unfamiliar, it is worth the time.

RIP to rare heroes like Aaron.

We will be sorry that we let him down. He is resting in peace while we will be in hot water very soon.

I love this post 😘😘
Thank for sharing 😘😘


I find this repeal of net neutrality thing very unsettling. I've been running a start up with my two other co-founders the past 2.5 years. Everything was fine and dandy until our self-proclaimed "hero", Ajit Pai threw a wrench into everything. My partners and I have even discussed the dissolution of our company if things go the way we fear it may. Let's pray the Congressional Review Act will save our skin.

You're doing an amazing job of saving the rewards for those who deserve them! Keep up the great work!

Congressional Review Act (CRA)
The CRA lets our elected officials in Congress nullify actions by Federal agencies like the FCC. Most bills need 60 votes in the Senate, but the CRA only requires a simple majority in the House and Senate.
This isn’t easy. We’ll have to apply a ton of pressure to Congress in creative ways. But with the momentum we have right now, we think we’re close.

In the Senate we may be starting at 50/50. Meanwhile, 83% of voters support net neutrality[1] and the level of public outcry (we’re sure you’ve seen it too) has been just off the charts. This is winnable.
Contact your Senator and congressman today and every day until this is won.

This is our internet, no theirs Space War going on and its confirmed in a wikileaks John Podesta email. check it out. My jaw dropped off.

It's the smaller companies that's gonna suffer.
Bigger organisation like facebook ,google can afford to pay these tex amounts.
Its unfortunate.

True. Let's look at the bright side, companies like Twitter who are long-term unprofitable are going to have super hard time. We are possibly going to see less grow quickly, monetize later companies and the focus is going to shift on being sustainable early on.
It is going to be wild, that I think is for certain.

Net neutralitydoes (in the long run ) regulate how ISP's can decide what content to charge for. net neutrality is VERY SIMPLE, it states all content is delivered the same. THAT IS IT. Repealing net neutrality opens the floodgates for ISP's to charge for a la carte conteot prices. They are wanting to charge x amount for Netflix speed, HBO Go speed, Download speed, etc. This gives more power to Time warner ( now Spectrum) Comcast, and other ISP's to control their pricing tiers. KEEP IN MIND TIME WARNER AND COMCAST HAVE THE LOWEST CONSUMER SATISFACTION RATINGS OF ALL FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES EVER!!! This is exactly why time warner cable changed to Spectrum and Comcast rebranded to xfinity!!!!

Why remove Net Neutrality? Don't they companies already earn enough money? So much greed these days.

It is so deceptive to mislead what something actually is especially when making a bad idea sound like a good idea. Most people don't read very deep into things and are taken advantage of. This would bury the voices of those who are not fortunate enough to have wealth or too honest and not greedy and money hungry. If it were possible to suck all the oxygen from the planet to sell for profit, somehow someone would find a way to sell it as a good idea or line the pockets of those who had the power to make those decisions.

It's not hard to make things easily understood and not complicated or especially deceiving.

Hi luke. Great work and time you put into your news. Stop by like one of my images.

Net neutrality is a bunch of evil shit that is intended to sound like a good idea!

I wish D.Tube made a play icon on their thumbnails. I always think the picture in the post is just a picture and not a link to D.Tube...

no real shock there. It was bound to happen.

The important aspect left out in this discussion is the possibility -- and I stress that its only a possibility -- that the free market would shatter the monopolies by allowing all of the little companies, who have been boxed out over the couple years by giants like Comcast, to begin offering you lower prices and different styles, such as pay per usage or whatever. Options. Whatever the market demanded. Which would allow the only power left to us, our consumer power, to actually be able to make a difference. So, for instance, if Comcast began giving preferential treatment to MSM over Alt Media, we would simply choose the one did not, and in an ideal free market, there would be an option, and Comcast would be the one boxed out. But sadly, just as Luke said, in todays corrupt political atmosphere, it will likely never happen that way, but with no manipulation, that is the hopeful ideal of killing so-called "Net Neutrality," which is another way of saying government control, or "price control," and I for one never feel that more government control is a good thing.

The sad part is there is no real free market. 2008 was not that far.

It's happening everywhere now in this world...It's not easy to survive as a small business owner in this world.... Because small business owner they always faced huge travel from Government also... It's my opinion... I saw this practically in my country as a small business owner.. Even still iam suffering also... Anyhow thanks dear friend for your great post....

ohh wow follow now

I'm waiting for the decentralised Internet 2.0

Here's what I really think about this:


I find this perverse. First, they create monopolies and then start running around screaming about the free market to allow those monopolies to start practices that in a truly free market would lead to people switching to their competition. What a racket. Another perverse part is that they want to double charge the biggest service providers on the internet. Those services are already paying (crazy money) for their internet connection, why should they have to pay extra?
Well, it is going to be interesting to see how long it is going to take for the ISPs to start rolling out what they always wanted and what shape it is going to take. As a response we are going to see rise of a lot of new stuff that will try to fix the issue, the question is if it will be any good and if it manages to get to people in time.
But who knowns, maybe I'm just a bit more pesimistic than usual.

i am not american but i am as concerned as americans , because killing liberty of speech and freedom of innovation in the sake of money won't only hurt american and other start ups and small businesses it will also encourage other countries to take similar or maybe worse actions, this is the point of view of a moroccan who is for net neutrality in the US

Thanks for all your info .. I just sign up to this site because of u.. Just showing my gratitude... Not many people stay centered like your program..

You're doing an amazing job of saving the rewards for those who deserve them! Keep up the great work!

It only benefits the big corporations and hurts the masses just like many things in the system. Somethings it seems the world is spinning in the wrong direction.

Can't believe we actually lost the Net Neutrality battle. This is very bad in an insidious boiling-frog sense of things and will very likely get worse.

Amazing! Don't give up please

The end is comming!!!

What do you think about this?
High level producers on the market arekilling low level business people using strategies to take them down.
And in the future there are going to be only producers that control the marken in the world.
What do you think?

Eh. Either way I ain't shook. Decentralized tech is going to make the whole thing irrelevant anyway I think.

We need to start developing p2p wireless decentralized ISPs soon though. That's how we could really fuck with the Telelcom companies. Viva la Techno Socialism!

Net neutrality = government dictating how private companies can use and operate their private property. Get government out of the way of entrepreneurs so competition can occur. FYI fiber ain't shit, it's the core routing that is the brains of any network(this is where the real cost and engineering takes place).

Human is developing, why our Internet Technology is moving backward?

It’s very non-sense. I want to uphold my right to gain access to different sources of information on internet without any restriction. I don’t want the telecommunications company to filter any information for me or even I need to pay more if I like to watch Netflix or YouTube. It is really a post we all should upvote it, make our views known to the US Senate.

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Face it, under the current capitalist system big business is in control. Large corporations, banks and the energy sector have politicians and judges as their puppets....but....
Crypto and the blockchain can change all of that. Take the control away from the profit whales and put it back into the hands of normal people

The repeal of net neutrality aims to enable big business to make more profit. It had nothing to do with crime or anything else.

this is good man

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Nice post please upvote my profile

I think in future we need blockchain like internet. No control by ISPs and Govt.

Hey Luke! So happy to see your on are Steemit/Dtube, I should have known. I just joined 8 days ago and I plan on eventually doing some journalistic type videos myself. Keep up the good work and please swing by my channel and help me change my life by giving me an upvote :)

Hey Luke I finally signed up for steemit thanks to you!

Why am I getting a splash page from YouTube warning me that continuing to Steemit will potentially expose my device to malware, etc? This will likely keep some people from coming here to help WRC. :-(

None of this stuff will matter unless we address the real elephant in the room.

Will you ever cover the really important stuff concerning Americans, like:

There is so much more that no one is talking about. The technology used to target people operate off the mobile platform. When 5G is implemented...this stuff can alter our DNA; the technology can be used to remotely maim or kill. Our free will is in jeopardy...our way of life...

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