The Aftermath Of The Paris Explosion AS IT HAPPENED!

in dtube •  3 months ago

In this video, Luke brings you through the craziness of what just went down in Paris.

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I'm embarassed that I didn't even know there was a bombing in Paris. Guess I'm a typical american who pays more attention to football than world news.


The mainstream media are reporting that the firefighters were called to a gas leak which exploded on their arrival. That is about all the British press are reporting they are not mentioning terrorism although the are reporting more about the Yellow vests than this. Witness report a very strong smell of gas was in the area just before the explosion. This seems to be a huge gas explosion though! It's seems to have been played down here in the UK 💯🐒

This has got false flag written all over it. Im guessing this bombing has occurred to put fear into the yellow vests. The government/banksters feel threatened or they wouldn’t be pulling these moves! Which means it’s ever so important for this movement to gain more momentum, to spread like wild fire. It’s the government/banksters that caused these state of affairs to happen by putting there foreign policies in place that have lead to the formation of these terrorists planned or not planned! PEOPLE OF THE WORLD JOIN TOGETHER!! SHED YOUR DIFFERENCES! LETS MAKE A PEACEFUL STAND!!