Insult Me As Much As You Can, See Why?

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the psychology of insults and angry comments online directed at individuals without merit. Hopefully, by watching this video you will understand the science behind unjust angry comments directed at you which can help you better deal with them and at the same time why they happen and how to stop doing them yourself.

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I'm tempted to curse you out and release some stress because it would make me feel good. So I'll thank you for the reminder. Figuring this psychology principle out , along with cognitive dissonance and a few other insights really changed me.
Quite odd when you find yourself going off on someone and you question if your doing it , or more enjoyably seeing someone else do it in front of you can be a matrix moment. Hard to be human and logical, while being judge and jury. Life is a catch22 take it or leave it!
+1 temerity to you

This message resonated with me. I do have my blood boil from certain individuals, and have a tendency to project my own issues onto others to make ego feel better. Identifying the problem is one of the first steps to healing. Again, wearechange, making change in the world, for the better. Thank you for what you do!

Very good information and so true. We are affected from what we are experiencing within ourselves.

It has been said that to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.

Yep, without judging

This a good and worthy post on a serious subject. But I am really captured by the visual. If you created it you are very talented. The divide between the light and dark is not solid. The wolf on the left implies a lonely experience. The joyful soul on the right is small and rare, and the silhouette just inside the light represents most of us. Just guessing. Thanks for jiggling my brain.

Great, thank you for sharing this important message with us! If someone reacts angry in any way, it's almost always a reflection of their inner feelings which they project on you. Understanding the backgrounds of anger can stop situations from escalating and bring more empathy in this world. And it's a big step towards inner freedom if we understand that angry behaviour isn't always something which has something to do with us but with the own problems of the angry person. So we can get more emotional distance and prevent getting hurt too much! :) I'll watch the video, thank you! :)
Best wishes!

Dear @lukewearechange this is amazing video with good message you wanted to tell! Well done!

Good message mate I loved seeing this video yesterday, it is very true that people hide themselves repressing others who are just like them.

Dear @lukewearechange, tell us, what shadow you have inside you that makes Hillary Clinton seem such an awful person to you?

It takes a lot of time and effort to find out what happened in Libya. Just as example.

It's time for healing !!

But seriously, which is more ironic: making insults in the comment section of a video about insults, or making a nice comment in a video about insults? 🤔

All thoughts feelings and actions are a choice. For every thought there is an action and feeling, for every feeling there is an action and thought, for every action there is a feeling and a thought. They are all choices. Many of those choices are subconscious (As is 97% of our existence). The reason solitary confinement is torture is because people do not spend enough time in the shadows. That is why a monk can spend 75 years in a cave alone and be 100% satisfied. We are mostly shadows. Shine a light on that shit with some meditation.

“All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
― Blaise Pascal, Pensées

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Well, I don't agree. Many of the hateful comments come from people that do not post using their real name. It is impossible to answer as it is impossible to insult an anonymous entity in return. Sincerely, Onno.

As in the old «Dont wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and the pig will enjoy it.»

Runnin' & gunnin' get em' bro! I have a younger brother & you look excactly like him. Peace out.

I want to say thank you for doing what you do. There is not enough real news out there. The mainstream media was compromised a long time ago. I have been watching your YouTube videos for some time and I am extremely pleased that you are making the full transition to steemit. Steemit and dtube are still young but will be bigger than YouTube Twitter and all that other censored centralized garbage out there. I think it will be much more easier for people to interact with you on Steam it also . I know it is for me . Thank you for having the courage to be real and keep on doing what you do you have my upvotes.

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