Cryptocurrency Weekly Wrap Up - Top 3 Bitcoin Updates You Should Know About THIS WEEK!

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change is joined by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media to talk about the latest weekly news in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency world.

There's no shortage of news this week. Everything from the so-called South Korean cryptocurrency ban, the new taxes on crypto trading in the U.S. to the attempt to create a global centrally planned cashless society, the differences between centralized cashless and decentralized cashless and of course we can't go without talking about the incredible opportunities that Steemit provides!
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Your news is very hot for us, thanks a lot my dear. all the best.........and i give you upvote restemait

Not to mention most crypto's are forming bullish flags !!!!!


Very good information Luke! don't believe the fud 100k Koreans mobilized themselves pretty fast to fight this!

Very Informative. Thanks for posting!

Good post

This is an awsome colaboration for you two! I am excited so see the chemistry between y'all develope. I am feeling the kind of vibe I get from "New World Next Week" with the two James'es (James to the 2nd power) James Even Palato & James Corbett. This will be very helpful to guy's like me. Luke, you look like my brother dude.

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great video , keep the good work

Thanks for the news, my friend :)

I will definitely be interested in weekly wrap up every Saturday from you.

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Thanks for giving us about dtube,bitcoin,crypto and so on.
It is a great message for all steemians.
Thanks for sharing..

Great article, thanks.

Lookin' forward to this weekly update !

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I'll be tuning in for more of these!

Economy - not prepared..

Please more info on cryptos!! Taking the power from the Banks will make all of lives better in the long run!!

I've been following Josh Sigurdson and Alternative World Media on other platforms. I'm happy to find your site so that I can see the combined efforts at helping us understand the crypto market along with all the other issues he exposes. Thank you for your insight.