You are commenting on a video by Jimmy Dore, someone who ACTUALLY represents leftist politics, and you hope to discredit Huffington Post by accusing them of being "extremely left leaning"?

Yeah. And you question that why? Go figure, one liberal posting other liberal BS

Care to elaborate? How extensive is your sampling to come to this conclusion? What is your method of rating left vs right? Then explain how relevant this is.
If you're contributing to discussion then do so effectively, otherwise you're just part of the peanut gallery and should just stick to Facebook where everything is just a pissing contest.

What do you mean by ,"extremely left leaning" ?mtunit94.jpg

If you can’t figure that out yourself then I feel sorry for you.
Are you a communist? I see the sickle and hammer for your profile.
Also, try being original for once. Maybe actually think for yourself. All I see on all your comments are copy/paste BS over and over again.

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