EP79: Let’s Chat About Bitshares, Steem and EOS (donating 100% of SBD)

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Let’s chat about Bitshares, Steem and EOS! Today’s guest is Luke Stokes, a digital entrepreneur, current Steem Witness and he recently joined the eosDAC Block Producer launch team leading up to the EOS mainnet launch on June 1st.

Before his blockchain days, Luke built an online shopping cart named FoxyCart which was later rebranded to Foxy.io. What started off as a “weekend project” turned in to a 10-year business venture with a partner of his. Luke recently sold his stake in Foxy.io and now his sole income relies on “chasing virtual internet tokens”. Risky? Maybe, but Luke wanted to follow his new passion and has gone head-first into crypto and blockchain and for him, there’s no turning back.

In this episode, we discuss the Delegated Proof of Stake technology and the role that both Witnesses and Block Producers play in securing the blockchain. We also chat about the concept of “voluntary inflation” and how new money creation, if used correctly, can actually build and support a community rather than decrease the value of everyone’s money over time (which is what happens when governments print and inflate the money supply).

This episode offers a mix of economics, politics, technology, philosophy all intertwined with the foundation of the Non-Aggression Principle. We may even chat a bit about Ron Paul for those of you who remember the 07-08 and 11-12 campaigns. I don’t know about you, but that was my entry point in to personal liberty.

Here's the Youtube link (sometimes DTube is difficult to load)

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Luke was one of the main reasons that I found out about Delegated Proof of Stake and I too dove head in. I’m really glad to see him so active in the EOS community. The smartest minds in crypto are in EOS.

Build Freedom,

PS: 100% of the SBD from this post will be given to @intrepidsurfer to support his tree planting project. (He doesn't know about the donation yet! Someone wanna tell him?)

Luke’s Contact Info:
Steemit: @lukestokes
Twitter: @lukestokes

eosDAC Contact Info:
Website: www.eosdac.io
Twitter: @eosdac

Podcast Resources:
Previous podcast with Steem CEO Ned Scott

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@ashe-oro legend and thank you ever so much for the shout out and the donation to the Steem forest initiative. Amazing how a bit of communication and upvotes are planting trees everywhere. A case of how blockchain is restoring natural environments and the cost is an upvote. Don't think I have seen anything like prior to blockchain going more mainstream.

Again thank you so much for your support. It wouldn't be possible without you.

ps. you will get a shout out on my next video.

Can't wait for my commute to work today. That's when I listen to your episodes, so when I woke up to a notification of a new episode, it made my Thursday (also my birthday) a bit sweeter.

Exactly something I've been wanting to learn more about: the Larimer trio!

Oh wow, thanks!!! My first blockchain birthday present lol

It's really exciting being in a space so rampantly overrun with voluntarists!

Thanks Ashe!

Stay relevant man. Keep spreading Liberty.

Where can I get this shirt?!

Thanks for having me on Ashe! That was a lot of fun. :)

Edit: About 30 minutes in, I said the airdrop would be done by the time this airs, but I should have said the snapshot (which happened on April 15th, at 01:00 UTC) would be complete and the airdrop would be ongoing until May 15th. Also, to be clear, it's not "we" creating the token or doing the airdrop, but BlockMaker Ltd.

man, you are so welcome. This one had a great flow and high energy. So much stuff covered, but it didnt' seem overwhelming. Ur a natural.

Thanks Ashe! It's fun talking about stuff I've been geeking out about for a while, especially because more people are starting to actually care about this stuff also. :)

Upvoted, resteemed and added you to my steemvoter account.

thanks Bill :)

Our man @lukestokes resteemed this post and that brought me here.

I have been listening to him for some time now and I always enjoy it. There is so much truth in when he states his initial reaction - 'fake internet money'. Most of us react that way and until the way we actually look into the technology and realize the truth of the idea behind it. I can totally understand his willingness to go into it full time.

There are a lot of common areas of interests that crypto enthusiasts share. Bullion is also definitely one of them . I think a lot of people here on Steemit too look at the blockchain as a means to get free from the slave hood of the current economic system. Gold is a store of value in true sense of the word 'value'. Now that is is illegal or semi-illegal to use gold as fiat - our minds and genetic memory find this against what we believe. The truth is that gold cannot be copied or artificially created and thus we instinctively trust it.

Blockchain gives us the next best option - the book/ledger is distributed in such a way that it cannot manipulated until each and every node master betrays it. Quite an statistical impossibility.

Once again glad to here the interview, thanks.

Actually you don't technically need "each and every node master" to betray it - 1/3 + 1 is enough to prevent consensus.
Sorry, in a waiting line, killing time :-)

Yes you are right :-)
If it doesn't become statistically impossible than it would be closer to improbable.

Very creativity !!!
Thank you for the beautiful and hard work!!
All donation to @intrepidsurfer_))))


recently digging around and found this... very informative and same views here. Really enjoying finding these unique descriptions of peoples life stories on crypto and our vision as a whole. Thx again.

Thank you for this. An amazing explanation on a difficult topic.


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