Performing Miracles and the Human Energy Field: An Introduction

in #dtube4 years ago

We are conscious creators of reality. We are surrounded by a complex and intelligent field of energy that we are learning to work with. We are capable of self healing and creation far beyond the self-sabotaging belief systems of the old paradigm.

It is my goal to share information and practices that have helped me to further realize and actualize these truths in hopes that it sheds light for others.

Thanks for watching. Love to you all~

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Could not agree more. I have begun to break the conditioning and was manifesting like a trooper but recently this appears to have been effect by doubts. Mainly due to a relationship breakup I think. But I am on a form I have never been before and my mood is lifting continually I just have a few about about current things in my life and I have not been able to manifest on this, well I say that doubts crept in and this was manifested instead. However things are now turning around again now and the world is at my fingertips agains. Many thanks 💯🐒

I am glad to hear that you are aware of your creative powers :) Nothing wrong with a little contrast in life, in the end it only helps us to refine our manifestations even greater. Much love to you for making the world a better place!

Thank you! 💯🐒

It's been a long journey and still along way to go but I feel I am progressing or remembering I think is the correct term to use. Thank you and likewise you are doing sterling work and have way way of explaining I could not. The tribe is building and we are all creating the world we want to see. Keep up the great work sending Reiki vibes 💯🐒

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