Why I Bought A 2020 Jeep GLADIATOR

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It was bound to happen...
I've been eyeballing the Jeep Gladiator truck ever since the day it was released. This Jeep will be a perfect fit for offroading with the family. I have alot of videos and mods planned for this Jeep, but dont worry, the Wrangler mods and videos will continue!
A few months ago i was torn between a few choices... After finishing the One ton swap video series, i wanted to start a Junkyard V8 Engine swap series. However after a few weeks of planning, and pricing out parts, i realized the project would take me months to complete. Even with another Jeep as a daily driver, the V8 swap series would take up almost all of my free time in order to film an easy to follow and informative DIY video series. Dont worry, that project will still happen in due time, just not this year.
Since the V8 swap wasnt going to happen, i started thinking about getting a JL Wrangler to make videos on. The JLs are becoming very popular, and there is a ton of misinformation on the internet about them. Even then, i could not justify a 3rd Wrangler...
Then the Gladiators start hitting the dealerships... Im hooked, these things are amazing! Dont listen to the internet crabby naysayers, this is a real truck, and a real Jeep, all in one. And in future videos you will see that!
This Jeep Gladiator will allow me to enjoy more offroad and camping trips "Overland and some moderate rock crawling" with my family, and in the end thats what matters.
This Gladiator will also allow me to start making videos that pertain to JL owners as well, since they are practically the same from the bed forward.
Stay tuned for more videos on all the Jeeps- JKU, LJ, and the Gladiator!
Let me know in the comments what you want to see on the new truck! And thank you everyone for your continued support, make sure to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe.
Here is the link to the Freedom panel storage bag that i recommend- https://amzn.to/2lAf6Rm

Since i love you guys... heres some upcoming mods :
Undecided on 35s or 37s... help me out!!!! Want to see this Gladiator built in stages to test its capabilities? Or just jump to 37s?
More stuff planned.. but thats a secret

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