"Steemskate Round 5" contest entry // Stacking clips all around the skate park

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This is my "Steemskate Round 5" contest entry my friends.

Finally the weather allowed me to go out at skate.
If you take a look at my latest vlogs, you will see that I am not so lucky the last few days.
The moment I start skating or filming a vlog, a huge rainfall starts.
But today was different.

I skated for about 3 hours under the burning sun and I really enjoyed it.Sun boosts my confidence, makes me feel more happy and gives me energy.I LOVE SUN.
I manage to hit a lot of different obstacles around the park and got some nice clips for my @Steemskate contest entry.

snap (73).jpg

If you want to learn more about "Steemskate Round 5" contest click on the link bellow :

Thank you all for watching and supporting me and I am anxiously waiting for your entries.
Have a great day everybody and #SKATEFORLIFE

Music : Missin' Linx - Sametime (Instrumental)
Edit/Filming : @Knowhow92


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Entry confirmed.
Thank you for participating.
Resteemed by @Steemskate.

brother is amazing with the tranquility that you do the tricks of truth that I really like your style, keep it up, you have talent, I was here laughing with a friend, remembering before when you could buy skateboards with ease in my country, really when I did not I got a trick I was very angry and hit them indefinitely to release my anger hahahaha. My respect brother.


Thank you so much bro.
I don't usually hit my board so hard but I don't know, that nollie bs heel just didn't want to be done.
I hope the situation in your country will improve soon and if you keep posting you could by a board with your Steem.
That's what I like about Steem, that it actually helps people.


That nollie bs heelflip, was perfect, friend pity that my country is going from bad to worse bro :(, but as I told you while I have my board I will always upload content brother, believe me if I had a lot of money out to greece and skate it would be very epic.


I have met many people from Venezuela, Puerto Rico and many more Latin American countries during my Barcelona trip.All of them were skaters.And great skaters like you.
Have dreams and goals bro and you can achieve anything.

Muy guapo el vídeo, parece fácil lo que haces, pero viendo el corte donde "maltratas" el monopatín se intuye que tus buenas hostias te habrás dado hasta llegar a semejante nivel xDDD
Un saludo desde España y te sigo desde ya para ver mas "trucos" ;)


So sorry my friend but I can not understand a word and google translate is nothelping me.Hehe.
I would appreciate if you could reply in English but nevertheless, thanks for the love.

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