Street skating, a huge graffiti and a hyped skate session with my crew at the skate park

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Yo, what's happening everybody?

I had a really great day today.
First thing in the morning was to take a sunny walk around lake "Pamvotida" accompanied by my beautiful girl @illusivelf.
I did my #seven77 push ups outdoor today (Check out @Nathanmars if you want to learn more about #seven77 ) and right after this walk I grabbed my board and started rolling in the city.

I had some business to take care of at the city centre so I had to take a different path to the local skate park this time.
I thought it would be cool to show you a fine piece of art, street art to be precise and to film some street skate clips at 2 fun-to-skate spots which were on my way to the park.

After my mission was over, it was time to go to the local skate park and meet my homies.
We laughed, skated and of course filmed some nice clips for todays #Steemskate vlog.


The first song is created by fellow Steemian @Stickchumpion.
If you listen closely you can hear my voice bubbling at the back lol.
Stix ' s song is epic.
Check out his music here :

The second song is "Bigmouth Strikes Again" performed by the legendary and one of my personal favourite bands "The Smiths".

"Steemskate Round 5" contest

"Steemskate Round 5" contest begun.
This week's theme is related to art so everybody can participate.
Click on the link bellow for more info :


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keep following your dreams! Don't ever stop.


you two @liondani and @knowhow be good be happy and keeping up fresh . @kingrefat


You too bro, stay safe 👊👊👊

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Resteemed by @Steemskate.

excellent brother, believe me whenever I go into steemit is checking to see if you uploaded a video, I really enjoy them, that nollie flip and nollie heelflip BANG brother hahaha, I'm working on my ticket for round 5, I was trying to record for interact with you but wow I feel very sorry but there is always a first time I just need to work the subtitles and ready friend.


Man no worries, if you look at my first vlogs I couldn't even speak in front of the camera.
Whenever I feel down, I watch my first 2 vlogs on dtube and I laugh so hard with the way I was speaking.Hahaha.
You will get used to it.
Thank you for your words bro.