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Whats up Dtube/Steem Fam!!

° I've decided after some deep thought and studying the platform that i'm going to go IN on Dtube!

° I got introduced to the platform through a friend @spenceryan but after watching checking it out for about a week, i'm realizing TWO major things

  1. Lol you can make money using the beautiful technology of the blockchain just giving value and sharing your content (I strongly believe this is how it SHOULD be with social media)

  2. I realized, THIS IS PERFECT for me to actually share what i do behind scenes and really document my life AUTHENTICALLY. (Something that you tend to get pulled away from with other social media platforms)

I'm looking forward to sharing my growth with all of you guys and hope you enjoy my content and what ill be bringing to the community. Have fun fam, create and lets build this platform into something special!

▶️ DTube

Look at @spencerryan being nice and sharing the dtube love knowledge. Congrats on getting your 1st vid noticed on here.

Enjoy the journey, we all started with not much on here and we've slowly grinded to make it something else.

Best of luck, man! Looking forward to hearing your tips on growth

Haha he's the man! & thank you. This is definitely going to be a journey that is going to definitely be interesting and fun for a fact i'm sure. I'll be sure to drop alot of growth nuggets for sure :D

Now that the pressure is off to make money, we can now really explore our creativity...which is the best ever... !!!! I'm super excited , and I am so grateful you share this platform with me. Thank you

Lol your welcome! The technology is AMAZING, like most people don't believe its a possibility because they are so conditioned to traditional platforms but its here and its real and its evolving QUICK. I can't wait to see how these platforms move forward.

Good for you. Congrats on taking a big step. My daughter is your age. I just convinced her to join as well. The future is yours. I'm only on Steemit 3 weeks but can attest that with hard work, you can make it far. I learned from others to blog daily and comment often. I have focused on growing my subscribers. If an old fogie like me can figure it out, you all go far. Blessings

Haha thank you! Yeah i'm a big intuition person and i'm seriously feeling this platform in terms of how its set up and the potential it has! Plus the community here is nothing like any of the other social media platforms that currently exist. Plus if we do it right, we can literally have the platform bypass the giants like facebook or instagram, etc and change peoples lives in the process for the better! It's brilliant and so happy you got your daughter on board too.

Heyhey, glad you finally made a video! Spencer and I watched it earlier.

Quick tip - don't 100% power up. If you do 50% 50% and then use the SBD in the market to power up you will end up with 37% more power.

Roger that! I did a bit more research on the 100% powerup feature, good for reinvesting into the platform but for now ill avoid powering up and follow your tip to gain more power. Appreciate it!

Happy to hear this man!

I feel you on the artificial front of other social media platforms. That’s how I felt too. Great little community here to finally just be yourself and show all aspects.

Behind you 100% man

Haha you know it man, no fake fronts on here, just keeping it 100% just the way it should be!

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