School System Is Setting Up Its Student To Fail In Finance 🤐 | Vlog #293

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Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

I really wish they taught us how to reduce tax in school and how to invest properly.

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #SteemOn

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As a financial advice i think unless and until if student will not take pratical knowledge of invest they can't learn. 😊

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It is not a surprise to know that great entrepreneurs, multi millionaire and billionaire are college drop outs .. :)


Escaping that student rat race!

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I would agree my friend. It’s sad to think that after all those years of schooling, not one was dedicated to preparing my mind for finance. Not even a semester dedicated to it. A lot of the most important lessons I learned in life came outside of school. Was it like that with you as well?

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Yeah man, it wasn't until this year I properly learnt about compound interest, normal interest, hidden fees, the stock market etc.

My life has changed dramatically and for the first time in my life I feel I understand how to use my money efficiently. Now if only someone sat me down and told me this 10 years ago.

I haven’t know about all that for very long myself. Hell, all that stuff I found out after I was already out of school, which was way to late in my opinion. Just like you, I wish someone would’ve told me sooner. I’m glad you know now though because you can use all of that info to your advantage 👍🙂

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Yessir, here's to an awesome future!

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