Are You Keeping Your Mind Fit?

in dtube •  24 days ago

We do a lot for our bodies to keep them healthy and operating at full efficiency... but what are we doing for our minds?

Drop a comment below ✌🏻

-Coach Ken

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Amazing video Ken and I think you said so many great things in this video. You made excellent points! We mustn’t forget to keep our minds fit. A strong mind can out think a strong body. That doesn’t mean that a strong body is worthless. A strong body and mind is what’s needed to get you to that next level. Glad you had an amazing workout. Take care! 👊🏾😁

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Believing in God, Helping other people in need results in self esteem.
Empty the mind from negative thoughts would be a great thing no matter what the situation is.


So true @sweetnitrick. Glad we are thinking along the same wavelengths. How are you enjoying your time on Steem so far?

Unlike most people, I have to take prescription medication to keep my mind healthy @kenmelendez. I also take a good amount of vitamins to keep my mind Fit.

Writing on @musing, @steemit, and commenting + reading on the Steem blockchain helps me keep my mind fit too.

In summary, the Steem blockchain is a big part of me keeping my mind fit 😊👍

For me, eating healthy is still something I do to keep my mind fit, because their are certain foods that we eat that helps the mind function well, like some kind of nuts and grain food.

Totally loved your video. Shared on facebook

This is very difficult question. It is always easy to maintain our physical health but in case of mind it is not easy to fit it.
The brain needs rest after the mental work of the whole day. But if we are to be seen, we work somewhere in the mental form of late night, due to which the brain gets less than expected. We should thank God that we have a brain-like pure instrument that is not uncontrolled even after collecting such data. Yes, there is a need for adequate sleep to keep the brain fit, but it is hardly possible to do it. I can not do it at all I can never sleep before 11:00.
Thank you friend @kenmelendez

Yes we are always busy for fit our health but we are not think for doing fit our mind. I think mind fitness is a crucial things cause when you fit on mind you will do anything.

Thanks for sharing your opinion dude

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Sleep and have some time for a me, it will relax your mind! :)