Bought A Mystery Box In China. What's Inside It?

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Some company in China started rolling out these "Lucky Boxes" around the country and I first heard about it from another China Vlogger. I never knew these existed in my city but as I finished shopping inside a mall, I noticed the same vending machine that I saw in his video.

I knew I had to try this at least once out of curiosity to see what prize I could get inside mine. Watch the video to find out.

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dose of China


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Thanks for reading & watching

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Seems like a perfect way for a company to unload unsold or overpriced products.

I'm not really a fan of vending machines myself, I've been screwed far too many times.

Good luck with future attempts.


Its actually a genius idea. Probably the easiest way to get rid of inventory that people wouldnt have bought otherwise. I probably wont try this again. Maybe one more time...

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Haha I heard on the radio there’s “cursed” mystery boxes on eBay and people pay heaps for one! Now that’s more interesting but also scary lol... one guy put an emv? Machine on it to test for paranormal activity

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I guess it's a fair deal but c'mon man, a make-up?Hahaha.
It feels like gambling dude, trying to get something better everytime and you also get to choose wich box?Pure gambling but fun one.

You should try once more dude, are they giving away any special prizes?


Yeah, you can choose which box you want. A good idea to get rid of cheap stuff you can't sell.

I think it is possible to win an iPad or something lol.

I might try one more time and that's it lol.

Btw, I sent you a message on your #steemwashere video about confirming your location but you still haven't replied to it. Hopefully you can check it out. I am trying to verify the location so I can find the altitude.


Fuck I totally forgot it dude sorry.
Gonna verify the altitude today or tommorow.

Pretty fascinating but your video stops at 13 seconds and goes no farther


I tried hosting the video myself on IPFS and experienced that problem too but when I checked now, it was working. I am not sure if it was a problem on my end or slow due to IPFS. I decided to upload it again through dtube and it is working much better and has 240p and 480p as well. Try watching it now.

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哈哈 是的。你玩儿过吗?

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We have these all over Taiwan. I was attracted by the opportunity to win an iPad one time and spent USD6.5 on a box. Won a crappy mobile phone case worthy probably USD0.5 and it didn't even fit my phone!!!


Its hit and miss. Thats how they make a profit. Were you able to watch my video?

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Not yet as I'm out and about but I will check it out when I get in, am intrigued to see what you got

Oh. man I have to find one of these in Hangzhou!


Check the mall bro

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Sure is yo

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